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Im looking for someone who would be interested in making custom sprites to finish my video game called Euka and Babs Journey across the World.  Looking for someone who would make bosses for me and 2 more enemies I have mind. If things go well I hope to make another game survival rpg style. I can pay half now and half later royalty free You will of course have your name on the credits screen in the options menu. try my game out please if your are interested so you know what im looking for as far as animations go.  if interested I already have a list and please email me

thank you

Paid Work / Looking for sprites or animator(Royalty Free)
« on: August 10, 2018, 12:37:46 am »

I am now currently looking for a new sprite animator.  If interested, please try my game so you have a idea of what I am looking for. Also please send a drawing or game reference so I can see the art work. If you believe that you can match the similar art style in the game please contact me.  Be looking forward to future projects as well. This is my first game so I am looking for Royalty Free only. Need animals and small costume designs. I don't know how to draw on computer.
I am looking to pay half now and half when finished.
If you are interested I can provide a very detailed list. Only need boss animations.
Thank you,

thank you for this forum

Ask a Question / Free to use softwares, music and sounds?
« on: April 17, 2018, 09:58:51 am »
I am wondering if anyone would know of any free soft wares that can be used to make music and sound effects for video games? I have experienced a little bit with a software called Musagi that I enjoy making sound effects. However, I'm not liking the making music part it sounds way too old. Any feedback I would greatly appreciate it. thank you

Finally Completed the Grab and Throw Behavior

The complexities of this is comical, even I never really figured out a solid behavior. Eventually I settled on having the player actor just boot things along with his shoe. It’s pretty stupid, and stupid fun.

There is a “points” extension that might help. You can define a point to attach things to. That would cut down on manual input and help things along. Hope you find a good solution, curious how things will work out :)
Its finished

Paid Work / Re: Freelance 2d artist and Illustrator looking for work
« on: April 04, 2018, 02:19:34 am »
do you also create sprites? I'm looking for animal sprites nothing fancy just for a 2d family kids game platformer.

Do you have a playable demo you can upload to the Stencyl arcade? It'd be easier to see what's going wrong.
just wanted to get back to you. I just now put the game out called Euka as working progress. and I also set it to where you hit new game it will automatically go to the stage that has the mosquitos. the mosquito is the enemy that can be grabbed and thrown. for controls its in the description under the game. thank you

here is one of the newest updates I tried for the grab and throw behavior. my player can hit the enemy pick up the enemy and throw the enemy. however if the player is away from the enemy after the enemy has been hit, the player can still pick up the enemy but they fall through the tiles..... I just recently bought 2 books called "Stencyl Essentials and Beginners guide to Stencyl 3.0" went through them in 2 days and I'm starting to feel a little burnt out. I have been puzzled working on this behavior and in 7 days it has slowed my progress down. I really need some help please.

Do you have a playable demo you can upload to the Stencyl arcade? It'd be easier to see what's going wrong.
its also a key board game no mouse needed hit jump button(z) to accept to go to next scene. (enter) is pause

Do you have a playable demo you can upload to the Stencyl arcade? It'd be easier to see what's going wrong.
its on my profile page hope I did it right

Do you have a playable demo you can upload to the Stencyl arcade? It'd be easier to see what's going wrong.
I think I can do that. right now it has 5 stages for the first level which was going to be my demo. ill see what I can do. never uploaded a demo but ill figure it out. thank you

thank you for your words of knowledge, that gave me a whole new perspective on how it could work. I worked on it since 7 am yesterday figured out 3 different ways of trying to make it work. I am going to try the kill actor and create actor way.

also if I try other ways I thought could work my player actor falls through the tiles and off screen.

I recently had to install 4gb of memory rather than using 3 gb. for me I hope it can help you but try downloading the 4gb that's correctly used for your pc have it in a folder where you can find it. for my case the stencil folder and then click and drag the 4gb into stencil itself. it should automatically load stencil.

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