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Ask a Question / Re: Stencyl Book available now!
« on: March 23, 2018, 04:16:27 pm »
ive been trying to look up specific information about these stencyl books. I was wondering what book would have more advance behaviors. I would like to buy a book that has a certain behavior. I need a book that explains how to create a actor behavior that I like to call the "grab and throw". I need to create this behavior for a game ive been working on. I need a book that can help me understand more about logic blocks, to hit a enemy pick up the enemy and throw the enemy towards another enemy. Any guidance would be great. thank you.

my grab and throw I behavior I created.

There's going to be a lot of logic involved in this, so it'd be best to think about breaking it down into individual problems and solving one at a time. I'm thinking you'll need behaviors that achieve each of the following:

Detect when the player has jumped on an enemy and if the grab button is held down
Attach the two actors (enemy and player)
Launch the enemy when the player hits the right control
Determine when an enemy has been thrown so that, when the enemy collides with another, the enemies are killed

The first one should be the easiest, since it would only be a modification of the "jump on enemy" that the crash course walks you through. The others can be tricky, particularly if you're new to Stencyl and aren't yet familiar with how events work, how collision detection and collision groups work, and how animations are managed.
hi I know it took awhile to reply from the hints you gave me and want to say thank you for the hints. I ended up making a grab and throw behavior for my player I still feel like I did something wrong. I ended up creating a couple of Booleans and a actor attributes. reason why cause when I click on the enemy for the actor attribute on the scene it doesn't work for the other same enemy in the scene just only the one I clicked on. could I get some help on what I did wrong please. I took a picture of it I'm a try to figure out how to post it. thank you.

to stencyl team,

hello, I just wanted to say that I love Stencyl to me it's the best free software ever created. thank you for the free knowledge and education kit I love it. I hardly don't play video games anymore because I'm too busy working on  my game. now since I started creating my own logic instead of using stencyl forge, I find it being more fun and challenging. I have one small request since I downloaded the educators kit yesterday. I'm a little stuck on lesson 6, the teachers guide as the lessons go up seem to be a lot less educational. can the teachers guide be updated for I am having a issue figuring out this puzzle making the bullets shoot away from the direction the player is facing?
thank you.

Ask a Question / simple question for dialogue...
« on: February 20, 2018, 12:25:59 pm »
ive been watching these youtube videos about dialogue... trying to make a rich story game. however, on the Stencyl page where I can download the dialogue extension there seems to be a problem. the page is not found or broken. I'm currently using stencil 3.4. is there any way around that or a tutorial to create my own? thank you

I am new to stencil and I love this software. I'm trying to make a game similar to Mario. However, I cannot figure out how to create a grab and throw behavior with the blocks. If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it. I need my character to be able to jump on the enemy, grab and throw him to other enemies like in Mario. I really can't figure out the logic blocks on that if it's there.
thank you

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