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Game Ideas / Re: Ultimate Tenkaichi Warriors
« on: May 29, 2011, 11:24:16 pm »
Melee will be renamed to "Strike" moves now.

In the Story Mode I plan to allow the player to decided what type of Rival character will be. After selecting your hero Avatar another message will prompt up and ask "There is a person in the future who's destiny is tied with you... Tell me, is this person a man or a woman?" and three options will appear "Male, Female, and I know this person".

When you select the Male or Female options you choose which race your Rival character is; Human, Youkai, or Elf. And depending on the race of your Rival their deck will be selected for the times you fight them.

The "I know this person" option is part of the Create-A-Fighter feature where you select the fighter you made as your Rival character. Since you already have the race and gender you don't have to worry about the other options.

I'm also thinking of a personality options to define what type of dialogue the player Avatar and Rival character will say or simply have the Avatar as the silent protagonist and the Rival character an arrogant, rude person at first and warm-ups as a better person at the end.   

I plan on adding an interesting feature called "Beam Struggle" which you can use a Beam type technique to clash against an opponent's Beam type technique during your defend phase and when the two beams clash a window will prompt up to have both characters to put in 7 command input in 2.6 seconds and the first one to complete it or have more inputs in correctly will win the struggle and take even more damage than usually. This is a very risky move, because it HAS to be a Beam-type technique to push and if it's a Strike-type move or something else you don't perform your Beam-type counter move and take damage as usually.

I've also got WIP Sprite Sheet for the Male and Female Human Avatar the player can choose for the Story Mode and to show how the sprites will look during the battles, which I used Super Saiyan Goku as a base.

There are three types of sprites; Battle, Field, and Overworld sprites.

The Battle and Field sprites are used during the fighting part of the game and the Overworld sprites are used for the exploring part of the game that is only in the Story Mode.

During the Standby phases of the Attack and Defend phases the Field sprites show the position of the characters on the battle field to decided the best course of action using the techniques to attack and defend.

The Battle sprites are used to show the battle animations to deal damage or avoid attacks or such.

I'm going to make a template sprite sheet of a skeleton character to edit over for users to create their own fighters.

I actually had to do some of the Overworld sprites by scratch as I couldn't find any reference to use by. Next of the character portraits for dialogue and VS screen which will be tricky.

Also I'm going to use the DBZ: LSW Card Icons as a base and edit them or change them up a bit to fit the style of Ultimate Tenkaichi Warriors.

I believe I'm going to start looking for help after I'm made more sprites and have more things thought out, especially the music part.

Does anyone have suggestions, comments, opinions, etc? I like to hear them.

Is this so? That's pretty cool! ^_^
I'll have to download and check it out!

I can always add in another attribute that controls the character's experience so both original and transform state share the same experience and whatever the other state got can be "loaded" to the other and if that state, for example the transform state, levels up to LV10 and reverts back to the other state they also have LV10 on their stats.

So I guess this is resolved for now? Oh wait, do I place different animations for the transform state in the same actor or a different actor if I'm going by this Save Status behavior you have?

Thank you every much for answering my question guys! ^_^

What I did regarding character transformation: I created a behavior that creates the transformed actor type and kills the original actor once some criteria are met (key input, required MP etc). Both original and transformed actors used the Save Status behavior (it's on Forge). This means that all attributes saved in the original character are loaded in the transformed character. I think I had to use the save/load commands from the Save Status behavior for saving/loading the attributes.

Ok, let me summarize what you said since I never really got a chance to use Stencyl yet (schoolwork and my job needs my attention first) and I'm unfamiliar with it still.

Basically you have a behavior, function, or method that is the Transform Actor and replaces the current or regular Actor when the conditions are met like key input, skill command, etc.

Then you have this Save Status behavior that copies the regular Actor's stats/attributes (HP, MP, STR, EXP, etc.) and puts it, or loads it, into the Transform Actor's Status so whatever the Transform Actor gets transfer back to the regular Actor which always works both ways.

That's basically it right?

I can use this for Turn-Based or Action RPG when you select Skill -> Transform (use 10 MP) or key input to change the Actor into their transform state.

And for Fighting or Stragedy games you can select their transform state, as a sub-option (Example: Select Hero as your character and additional options open up with Base and Transform state), but adds and/or subtracts certain attributes to performed different effects. Like in RPG you have power-up skills that up Power but lower Defense but instead of lasting a few turns it last for the remained of the battle.

Never thought about it like that. Interesting... that includes animations specifically for the transform state that the regular state doesn't have as well?

Looks like I'll have to experiment a bit.

Also this applies for characters having multiple costumes as well, like the the Tales Of series for example?

I was wondering how possible it is to create one or more skill(s) or option(s), as a command option or button combinations when certain conditions are met, to have the character transform into a different character or different appearance that changes their overall abilities for a limit amount of time or stay there throughout the entire event.

If I wanted to create a transform version of the character I have to make another Actor that's his/her transform state and setup the Snippets to have "Transform" change Actor 01 to Actor 02, but if it were an RPG game where the transform state is the same level and stats as the regular character how do I link them together? Do I setup as [If Actor 01's level equals "#"] Actor 02's level equals "Actor 01's level" and the same with experience so if the Actor wins the fight in their transform state and levels up their regular state also gets the same benefits?

Kinda like Sora's forms from Kingdom Hearts 2 where he power-ups and gains new abilities to use and fights differently for each form for a limited time.

Here's what I'm kinda looking for two different occasions for the transform ability.

1. Like in RPGs or Action RPG the player selects a skill in the Battle Menu (Skill, Forms, etc.) during the fight and selects the skill or one of the options for the forms the character that gives them access to moves or skills or abilities not present in their base/regular state but only for a limited time until they revert back to normal. Also they're capable of leveling up like their base state, as to be treated as the same character even if their appearance is different unless otherwise.

Maybe have a special gauge for the transform skills only or simply use MP or whatever you have for energy to use for special moves.

2. Like in a Fighting game or something like that before you go into battle you select your character in the Character Selection screen and when you pick a character you have the option to use their base state or transform state at the start of the battle (each state offering something different not presented in the other) and fight throughout the entire fight in that form until the battle or match is over.

Will I be able to do this and how about do I go on making this work?

Game Ideas / Re: Pokepet Eevee
« on: May 22, 2011, 11:09:13 am »
Very nice! I look forward to it!
Actually there's a friend of mine on another Message Board that absolutely loves Eevee and would want to get this game! ^_^

Game Ideas / Ultimate Tenkaichi Warriors
« on: May 21, 2011, 09:41:23 pm »
Ultimate Tenkaichi Warriors is a 2D Card-Based Turn-Based RPG-like Fighting game where you battle using techniques in the form of cards to attack and defend the opponent until one of the fighters' HP or Life has been depleted.

Tenkaichi is the Japanese word meaning "Strongest Under the Heavens" so the title is called "Ultimate Strongest Under the Heavens Warriors".

This game idea is based upon the old Gameboy Color game "Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors". I love that game to death and beaten the story mode several times and no matter if I've collected all of the cards and build a powerful and well-rounded deck the game is always challenging especially during the climax of the final battle of each arc.

Story Mode: Play the story mode of the game chronicling your life as a Tenkaichi Warrior as you prepare yourself of the Budokai Tenkaichi and defending the world against the forces of otherworldly evil. Select one of three pre-made Male or Female characters to be your Avatar or use your original character from the 'Create-A-Fighter' mode!
Continue: Load your previous save data where you last left off in Story Mode!
VS Mode: Challenge against an AI-controlled opponent or other player local or online!
Tournament Mode: Battle in the Tenkaichi Budokai to earn prize money and earn new technique cards to add to your deck! Also battle online against other players to earn the title of the true "Ultimate Tenkaichi Warrior"!
Shop: Buy new Equipment for your characters and new technique cards to build more powerful decks!
Create-A-Fighter: Using a custom template design your own fighter in MS Paint or any other Art Programming and select and/or create techniques that the fighter can and cannot use. Depending on your character battle type; Melee, Beam, and Balance certain techniques are available for you to select and limited by the amount of CP (Card Power) you have (Example: You have 10 CP and you can select the 8 CP move Regenerate to heal your character but you have 2 CP left to select other technique to have). Up to three original moves, you created or pre-made ones, can by selected for your fighter without the cost of CP.

The game's main focus is the turn-based RPG like battles. Depending on the character's speed will determine who goes first.

The combatants can fight on the ground or air, where being on the ground improves the strength of Melee techniques and reduces the damages from Beam techniques likewise in the air the strength of Beam techniques are higher and the damages from Melee techniques are hindered. So if a character in the air attacks with a Beam technique a character on the ground will take some considerable damage but if the character was in the air they take even more damage!

There are 4 spots on each character's side of the field, front and backward for the ground and air locations. Being in the front enchants the character's strength of attacks but lowers their defense power and being in the back of the field improves the character's defense to take less damage but lowers their attack power in their stead. So plan according to the situation to turn the tides of the battle in your favor.

The turns are divided into Attack and Defense phases, and certain techniques can only be used during these phases such as Attack techniques can only be used in the Attack phase but cannot be used in the Defense phase. Completing both Attack and Defense phase for one character is equal to one turn.

During these phases the player has four options to choose from; Limit, Techs, Basic, and Other.

The Limit command is where your three "signature" techniques you assign to your character to use but can only be active when the character is in the "Gather Power" state and has the right amount of CC (Card Cost).

The Techs command is where the character's drawn technique cards are to use to attack or defend against the opposing character. You can only have 5 cards in your hand, and if by the end of the Attack or Defense phase there's still 6 cards in hand you must discard one card from your hand from selecting from the Limit or Basic options.

The Basic command is where the character has the 3-Prong Attack option (Attack phase), Defend (Defend phase) and Gather Power (in Attack phase) and Movement (Defend phase) options. During the "Gathering Power" state the 3-Prong Attack option changes into the 4-Prong Attack option. In order to increase the Card Cost (CC) to use Techniques you must use the Prong Attack moves and input the commands the follow on the screen in the limited amount of time to execute it. Successful inputs will increase the CC count. The Defend option is basically the character defending against any forms of attacks without much protection if the player doesn't have enough CC or defensive techniques to use during their Defend turn.

The Other command has the Switch and Flee options. The Switch option allows the player to switch out the reverse team mate, if it's a team battle with 2 or more characters, with the current character out in battle and by switching out the CC reset to the new character and if you switch back to the former team mate the CC restores to what it was for the character. (Example: If team mate 1 has 20 CC when he switches with team mate 2 who has 10 CC and team mate 1 switches back out his/her CC will be 20 still). The Flee option is basically a forfeit command to end the battle when you don't wish to continue or wish to start over or don't see a way to win, and this option is available is only after 5 fill turns have pass. 

And certain options are available depending on the phase, such as the Attack phase allows the character to use the "Gather Power" option in the Basic command but in the Defense phase it's "Movement" to change the location on the battle field.

Gather Power increases the character's attack power and adds an extra 3 CC when used each time and last 2 fill turns and opens up the Limit command at this time.

To perform techniques with the cards you've drawn you need Card Cost (CC) to use them. To build up CC you need to successful input the Prong attacks or by using the Gather Power option.

Your deck can only have 30 cards in them and they must be 30 cards in total to be set, and you're allow up to three of the same technique card. And you can save your decks to three Deck recipe slots to set up for your main, secondary, and a mixed one to change on the fly for a character you don't usually have or for certain playstyles. It's up to you to set it up.

Life - The character's overall health. When it reaches 0 the character is KO'ed.
Strength - The character's melee power that effects the Melee-type technique moves.
Energy - The character's energy power that effects the Beam-type technique moves.
Defense - The character's endurance power that reduces the damage from technique moves. [Going to remove this stat]
Speed - The character's agility which determines who goes first.

As the character wins more battles they'll gain EXP and level up while earning a power-up point to distribute to one of their stats to increase but they'll ability to re-distribute the points they have used to different stats if they wish to change the character's gameplay style. All characters' max level is 5 giving you 4 power-up points in totally for your stats.

And also thinking that some characters can or will have transformation or power-up forms to use in battle as the transforms are allow up to only 2 or 3 stats to increase in by 1 or 2 point(s). The characters can have up to 4 transform states; Base, Power-Up 1, Power-Up 2, Power-Up 3, Power-Up 4.
The transformations are treated as the same character are share the same slot for their base state, with sub-slot for the transformations. You cannot transform during the battle so when you pick a form/state you are like that for the duration of the battle and you cannot pick the same character twice.

The six Avatars, 3 Males and 3 Females, that the player will can select for Story Mode will be one of each of the three main races of the game's world.
Males: Human, Wolf Tengu (Youkai), Elf
Females: Human, Oni (Youkai), Elf

Wolf Tengu and Oni are only exclusively for those genders in Story Mode, you can make a female Wolf Tengu or male Oni in the Create-A-Fighter mode and use that character as your Avatar.

Something I like to add where the player can buy equipment for their characters to wear! However there's only two slots for each character, an armor slot and an accessory slot. Depending on what type of equipment you have on you can improve the stats of your character, but at the cost of lowering another stat in the process like Heavy Armor increases Defense but hinders Speed and a rings and such for increase Strength or Energy.

I'm thinking of having the shop include certain technique cards or packs to buy new technique cards to build your deck, but I think it's more fun collecting them through battles of the Story, Versus, and Tournament modes and to test your skills with the techniques you currently have.

I like creating my own fighter in certain fighting games and I thought it would be a nice feature to have in this game! Basically the game exports a sprite template sheet with pre-made basic characters to fill in on your own using MS Paint or any other Art Editing Programs and then have the game import them. Since the template has the character sprite in separate little boxes for each animations for their moves I'm hoping the players don't have to worry about setting up each animation one by one on their own. Or simply sprite the character in the game, but it that's not possible maybe some pre-made sprite "clothing" to add to your character based on the three races.

Once the character is done that can be used in the Story Mode, Versus Mode, and Tournament Mode.

These are still some ideas I have that I like to implement into my game project, but I'm not sure if ALL of it will be in or not but I'm hopefully everything is in or mostly. If I get around to uploading a Demo it will have just the Versus Mode with only two characters for the player to select and try out.

Here's an example what the gameplay would be like using the DBZ LSW video:

The art style will be exactly or mostly like the DBZ game here and the menu, dialogue boxes, and music would be the same as well!

I like this Game Project Idea to be my first Stencyl game I'll ever make because I think it's good and I'm sure people would love to try it out as I'm not sure how many people have been DBZ: LSW and I don't see any project around here taking on that idea.

The Story Mode is where you start off training for the upcoming Tenkaichi Budokai where all three races, the Humans, Youkai, and Elves enjoy to watch and celebrate with. Before the days of the tournament begins evil forces arise and attack the world.

I'm not sure how the story will flow or go but that's what I got for the beginning and during the course of the story you meet your rival and maybe some story arcs where you face off against different "final" bosses for those arcs. Different parts of the story only certain characters can be used, and not limited to just your Avatar. In the end the final part of the game is the Tenkaichi tournament where you face off in the finals against your rival who is the hardest opponent to beat in the game.

After completing the Story Mode you can start over from the beginning and you can now select ANY character to fight in any part of the Story Mode battles and you can continue to earn new cards you cannot earn during the 1st playthrough. You can even choose to re-select your Avatar or continue with the same one.

But I'm expanding on that idea with adding a few more mix into it to make it more unique and get people to be involved in the game! Though I like this to be my first game to make, but I may ask and like for some help making this game project idea.

Jon, Step, Greg, and everyone else what do you think of this idea?

How do I say this? There's an type of monster or enemy I have in mind to make, but it's a little unique on how it attacks. The enemy can throw its head off of its body, but the body can still move around on its own even as the head moves around too. This enemy has two different sprite files for an animated head and animated body.

Here's what I mean:

Using these two sprites, can I create an enemy class or object to declare a single enemy instead of two different ones? As in when the player strikes the enemy's head, while its off of its body, both the enemy's head and body shows a damage/hit animation and the same applies when the player attacks the body with the head off or even when both body parts are still together.

Here's what I mean here:

The idea is to make an unique enemy for an Action RPG idea I have in mind, which is sort of like the Kingdom Hearts: CoM style of fighting and appearance but not quite and still different.

Will I be able to make this in Stencyl?

Chit-Chat / Re: Stencyl's Stance on Fangames?
« on: May 09, 2011, 06:13:33 am »
So we can make fangames, unless we're told to be taken down, huh? That's very good to know! Because I have just a couple of fangames I want to make using Stencyl since other game makers cannot make what I have in mind. As long as we give credit to the creators of the franchises, right?

Though I still plan to make original games because I have a short one I'm thinking of starting with that I don't see people made yet with Stencyl.

Chit-Chat / Re: What is your favorite food of all time?
« on: March 15, 2011, 06:09:19 am »
My favorite food is a tie between Pepperoni Pizza and the Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger, but I have to say the "Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger" is my favorite food of all time!

Nothing beats the juiciness and deliciousness of bacon, tomato, cheese, lettuce, and mayo on a well-done burger fresh from the kitchen.

I'm very curious about something Stencyl can do or what you can do to your games in generally. With certain games released, with online playing a bigger role now for gaming, you can get additional content for the game to download or expansion you otherwise can't get normally.

I have this huge game idea brewing in my head, but there's going to be a few things that won't be included at first and plan to add on through free distributions (free DLC) or updates which would included extra boss fights, levels, and a few other features. Also is it possible re-upload or update the same game with fixes to the original gameplay or events (events linking to game story or places, etc.) or dialogue or codes or add in something that wasn't originally there in the game's main storyline or such.

Considering Stencyl's online features to upload a publish game it's possible I think, but what for a stand-alone or an .exe file? Would that work as well?

Am I asking too much? Cause I wanted to try this out, because I wanted to get a user to send me small requests to add in their own little side-story adventure post-game of my game idea with something they like to see just for the fun to further expand the replay or life-hood value of my game.

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