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yeah that"s what i want to do use banner with admob and chartboost for reward video
it is doable ?

Can i use admob and chartboost at the same time and separete the displaying ads from the two with a logical algortihm ?

Ask a Question / using a scene as a splash screen ?
« on: October 01, 2017, 04:30:46 am »
can i use a scene as a splash screen for android and ios  ( my game studio logo ? )

Ask a Question / test on ios using pc ?
« on: October 01, 2017, 04:23:20 am »
how to test my game in ios using pc knowing that i have an apple developer licence  ?what's the best and easiest way ?


when i test in android device i cant click and drag at the same time ? do you have solution to drag actor and click on other at the same time ?

Ask a Question / Visible rotation ( 90 degree).
« on: September 27, 2017, 02:18:03 pm »
when clicking on the actor i wanna rotate it by 90 degree with a visible rotation ( turning )
i tried to do turn actor by 90 degree  but the rotation is not visible

i know about creating actor but i wanna create a linear clean trail ? how to do that ?

 i use a simple trace ( same ball in the back fade and desappear in different size)
i wanna change it to do a more coolest trace what do you propose to do this ?

or an other
i wanna do an animated wire following the movement of the ball it will be cool too
thanks for your answers

that's it thank you verry muchh  :)


i Want to create a scene (  vertiacl menu with 50 level )

i want to do a sliding with finger system and all button on the scene must be locked when i begin sliding ( like in contact menu in the phone for example when you slide you cannnot select a contact )

thanks in advance for your answer

 thanks for your answer
is there any chance that they invest in my game?  to get more users

Hi .
I have many  actor as background (about 30 or 40 actors) which rotate around self  .
and I want to replace them with images to optimize the speed of the game because on some device its lag a little
what is the simplest way to replace them with images ? Knowing that i never used image instance before.
 Can you be clear pleaze, especially on how to rotate them ?


according to your knowledge what is the best publisher you have known?
Especially on the side of money  (which can bring the most )  trust and way of working ..
and those who are not hard in their requirement .
thanks for your answering ^^

You can save the position of the actor in a game attribute ( purple ) . and recreate it in the next scene At the saved value .  ( X and Y)
and if you want it to appear in another position you only have to say the position you want it to appear in it

I think I agree with you

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