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Ask a Question / Unable to add repositories.
« on: April 21, 2019, 07:47:13 pm »
I tried to add repositories as per the instructions but there is no way to add them. Following the instructions just reopens the webpage with the instructions in an endless loop.

Wanted to add the Polydes and Mazeland repositories, but when I open the page itself (both of them) I get a mostly blank page with
Code: [Select]
{"versions":["v1"]} written in the upper left corner.

There is nothing in Stencyl itself to add these as the instructions state.

Thank you. Do you know of any more-in-depth articles or tutorials may be?

I am brand new to Stencyl. I want to make a platformer so I downloaded the games/levels from Stencylforge to learn this, but when I open them I get a popup that says that tileapi is missing and there is a lot of missing things in the behaviors. How can I get tileapi and add it to the level.

Levels in question is the Demo Platformer series

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