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I know it's been a while but finaly, I have updated Pig Bird! :)
Tip: releasing your game on Newgrounds is also a good way to collect feedback and experiment with your game.

What's new?

1. you can now change the cloud speed!
2. your best result per level is shown
3. pig bird will bounce off the balloon or the tree branch at the beginning of a level. Showing that you can loop around the screen and giving you a bit more time to get a hang of things.
4. graphics look nicer now, some assets have been cleaned up
5. menus have been cleaned up to look nicer
6. power ups are more noticeable

Apple App Store:

Google Play Store:

Wanted to make a  local multiplayer game and came up with this!

The game is out on App Store, you can get  it here:

You can play the flash version here:

How to play:
Place your finger (or click mouse) on the screen, wait for 0 or max 4 seconds. There is a 50% chance to catch a fish. If after placing your finger on the screen the phone vibrates and the screen shakes, quickly lift your finger and you will catch a fish! The next player takes a turn.
Be careful! The next player can catch your fish, if he taps on it!
There is also a slight chance to fish out a boot, if so a player will go down to 0 points. Taping on the boot will give everyone 5 points, level the playing field and make for an exciting finish!

Let me know how you like it,

Thanks man! I really appreciate your thoughts on the game and I will definitely consider them in the upcoming iterations. I plan to update some of the assets, either replacing them or touching them up. As the creator of the game, I know every mm of it and know exactly what you are referring to ;)

Fair point on the difficulty, it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it. I'm looking into the best solution for this.. maybe an intro level where it teaches you all the mechanics of the game in a light manner but still keeping it snappy (boom, you're in the game). And that is the point, I got to appreciate so much more the effort that goes into making games. Too much hand holding and the sense of achievement and discovery is lost, to little and people may give up. Finding the balance, that's the magic right there!

Yes, the art style definitely needs to be consistent ( even if it is a font), I will change the HUD a bit, but still keep it minimalistic.
Really glad you like the art style, I plan to make a siganutre part of my games/apps.

When the major update is done, I will annouce it here. Just know that you influenced the game a bit with your suggestions ;)

Thanks a bunch,


The iOS release is finally here! Play the game on your iPhone or iPad :)

Link to my game on App store:

QR code to my game on Apple App Store:

Out on iOS and Android, get a taste of the game in flash!

Three months in the making... releasing the game felt amazing!! It was my passion project and I wanted to make something special :)

The graphics in the game are hand made collage paper arrangements. The sound is simple, but the idea is that you are creating a melody as you are flying the pig bird and interacting with items objects in the levels. The control is also simple, just one (tapping).

There are 5 powerups that give you different abilities and across 5 handcrafted levels. Can you figure out how best to pass them? ;) . Levels can also be played in any order.  But watch out, the game is challenging. Complete all the levels to reveal a surprise!

Have you played the game? Or just got an impression of it? I would appreciate some feedback on how to make it better. Thanks!

Free on Android and iOS!



QR code to my game on Google Play Store:

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