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Hi, great program and lots of resources.
I'm using 2.2.0 (b502).

Please read the entire post before replying that asking for the answers defeats the purpose of learning.

1) Stencylpedia Article 2.1 (What are behaviors?) refers to "Shoot Em Up" that we are encouraged to modify for a challenge in 2.2 "Creating a Behavior". See middle of page with spaceship image

The only versions of "Shoot Em Up" in Stencyl Forge are substantially more complicated than what was being referred to in the article and therefore not useful. Is the base example available? In its absence, is  someone else's "answer" available).

2) Article 3.2 (Animations) refers to a Challenge I can't even begin to solve based on knowledge, basic animations, taught up to that point in Stencylpedia. (Have a character actor be able to equip himself with different weapon actors.) See challenge text at bottom.

Again, I'm looking for anything, hints or even someone's "answers", to learn what I'm missing. Nothing here or on the net.

3) Has ANYONE posted "their" "answers" to the various Stencylpedia challenges (especially source code)? People seem to post everything and this would be really helpful. I haven't found anything here or on the net (at least for the earlier challenges.) Has ANYONE actually done these Challenges with 2.x?

Thanks for any help. And thanks for a great program.


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