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Deleted everything, re-installed all extensions, stencyl version 9281. Now errors are looks like about heyzap and applovin.

If applovin disabled, still same error about libheyzap.a

Did you already tested in a new game on build 9280?

I am a bit lost because i don't have does errors.. Maybe we can make an Skype Appointment so i can see whats going  on your side.

Nope, let me try that version. Is Applovin working at your side?

PS: Android build did not give any error when Applovin is enabled.

Not working. Cleaned the project, put it under actor, put it under scene .. nope

Yes, debug block is not working at my side.  So cant be sure is it Applovin or not.

I disabled Applovin Extension and it compiled. But i am quite sure i saw Applovin ads in the game without it. Cant test it because debug block is not working.  (if the debug block needs internet connection it could be about it, i ll try it again.)

Hey Robin, thanks for update! I tried it but something wrong about Applovin or Unity, couldnt figure it out why getting error. 

Attached logs.

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Level With Me
« on: November 03, 2016, 09:03:40 am »
Congrats! Featured under "New Games We Love" in Europe.. Hope it will be in USA and other parts of the world!

To all,

See mail below.. (Start Reading from bottom)
It seems that Heyzap Interstitial ads are available next year.

So should i still update the extensions?

Code: [Select]
Hi Robin,

They should be available some time early next year!

On October 26, 2016 at 3:51 AM Robinschaafsma <.nl> wrote:

Hi Amy,

Yes thats correct..
Do you know when Fyber Interstitial are available for general public?

Thanks for the help..
Robin Schaafsma

On October 25, 2016 at 3:39 PM Amy Choi <> wrote:

Hi Robin,

So you are able to fetch ads for all other networks on Test Suite, but in your actual app you are not seeing Heyzap interstitials, correct? If so, everything seems to actually be in order! With SDK 10, Heyzap Network (in-house ads) have actually been replaced by ads from Fyber Marketplace. Fyber Marketplace interstitials are actually in beta right and unavailable to the general public, which is why you're not seeing those ads–no worries though, other networks you're using for interstitials should serve ads as normal!


On October 25, 2016 at 7:43 AM Robinschaafsma <nl> wrote:

Hi Amy,

Thanks for your email.

The Tag's will be no issue i will great my own tags for now no problem.

For the error log:
I am in the Netherlands and the Heyzap Rewarded is working but only the Heyzap interstitial are not working.

All other 3rd party networks are working for both interstitial and Rewarded in the Test Suite (and also works when i called [HZInterstitial show] so there are no problem with 3rd party Networks.

So basicly only the Heyzap interstitial are not working.

Thanks for looking in to it..
Robin Schaafsma

On October 24, 2016 at 7:17 PM Amy Choi <> wrote:

Hi Robin,

Thanks for your email! So first off, tags are actually not supported on SDK 10 but are coming soon; if tags are absolutely crucial for your app(s) you should use SDK 9, but keep in mind that this version does NOT support iOS 10 and the latest third party SDKs.

We took a look at your error log, thanks for sending that over! 2016-10-22 12:40:31.007 UIActivityController[5361:148273] [FYB Warn]: -[FYBInterstitialController presentInterstitialFromViewController:] is not ready to show any interstitial offer\ leads me to believe that this may be a fill issue (no available ads at the moment in your country). May I ask what country you are testing from? Appreciate it! It would also be helpful if you can let me know if you're able to fetch ads from other networks on the Test Suite-if you're not, that might point to a deeper error outside of fill.

On October 22, 2016 at 5:45 AM Robinschaafsma <.nl> wrote:


I did some more test and it seems that rewarded is working only with the
default tag, if i set a tag it wil always returns string ³default² tag.
Instead of the tag name i had given.
This happens on both iOS and Android.

Interstitial ads seems not be working at all on both iOS and Android, see
iOS logs i send earlier.

Is there something i should do extra in the dashboard??

Hope hear from you soon,

Robin Schaafsma

On October 22, 2016 at 3:44 AM Robinschaafsma <nl> wrote:


I am upgrading to SDK 10 on iOS, i replaced the SDK as it says in the

But ads are not fetching or showing even the callbacks are not called.

I have attach my logs from Xcode.

Can you help me with the logs and tell me whats wrong.
It was al working fine with SDK 9.


-Robin Schaafsma

+1 vote for update. Heyzap ads are not more important than unity ads.

Thanks Robin it is working except Unity Ads.

Ok Unity Ads is working with SDK 9.6.9 for me but i get black screen after dismiss the ad . (Unityads Extension Version 0.0.7 with SDK 2.0)
So i think the Heyzap  SDK 9.6.9 is still buggy of Unityads with SDK 2.0.
And Heyzap SDK 9.6.8 does not support Unityads with SDK 2.0 so if you use SDK 9.6.8 (if you still have that one) use the old version of the UnityAds extension (0.0.5) and use it with my extension manager 0.04.

I trying my best to update it all as soon as possible (exept for Leadbolt than of corse)

Dont have 0.0.5 but not need it at this time, i am not in rush. I've time to wait your update.

o and by the way Leadbolt seems not be support in Heyzap SDK 10 anymore..
Leadbolt has very good ecpm for me.=(

I suggest that using Applovin instead of Leadbolt for your next projects if Leadbolt does not update themselves.

Thanks Robin it is working except Unity Ads.

o and by the way Leadbolt seems not be support in Heyzap SDK 10 anymore..

Leadbolt has serious troubles nowadays. I am compiling the game with new sdk, hope it works.

Sorry Robin, couldnt understand exactly steps about Fyber. There is only one Fyber SDK under Heyzap. On the other hand i have to change sdk to stop compile error.

Got an E-Mail stating Heyzap should be updated to version 10 soon to avoid conflicts with iOS 10. Did you get the same E-Mail?

+1 here. Changed with latest sdk but after did that ads are not working.

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