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Well done! I've just downloaded it and played it on my aging iPhone 4S; it plays perfectly.
Glad to like it! What is your ios version? I get some crash reports on earlier iPhone versions.


Thank you so much for the extension. A couple of doubts.

Admob is a built-in extension?? But I'm unable to see the extension in the settings. Shall I install the extension shared by you?

In Heyzap website we're presented with this question: "Do you want additional networks?" Attached a screenshot. So if I choose only a specific advertisers like Adcolony, chartboost & facebook audience network, the ads from other advertisers won't be shown. Am I right?

Yes and no. If you choose Adcolony, Chartboost and Facebook on Heyzap dashboard your game will show only those ad servers via Heyzap. But you can also add Admob, Unity, Applovin etc directly to your game without Heyzap. It wont be problem then all ad-servers will shown in your game.

I never played your game but I think I already saw it on the store even before it was featured. I didn't know it was a stencyl game :) that's great ! Good job !

Thank you . Yes, it could be true. We were in new arcade / puzzle games section and in some of top charts on our first day.

WOW!! This game was developed by a fellow stencyler?? I downloaded and enjoyed the game without knowing that!!!

Hehe. Life is great with little surprises :) Happy to like it !

Yes! I like it!
The earnings with Apple Feature are good?

Love to hear that! Yes, of course. Being feature is probably the best way for promote your app. Last week we were in Top 10 Charts Games-Puzzle and Arcade in All Europe and #3 in India.  In only one week, got satisfied revenue to live for couple of months.

Congrats for feature!
I try it now!

Thanks Riki! Hope you like it.

iPhone / iPad / Android / Re: Block Hop! Coming March 30th
« on: March 26, 2016, 04:22:50 am »
Just great job! Waiting for it.

Nice! Where in Europe are you? Once i get around to fixing my iPad I'll check the game out.

Spain and Ukraine have not refreshed their pages yet. Still waiting for them. All of other European countries + India are the places Tint Pop showing up on Best New Games category.

Hi guys. Our new game Tint Pop has been featured on App Store, Best New Games Category in Europe Region.

"Tap to shoot the ball into the rotating arc with the same color. Shoot every arc to complete a level or miss one to start again!

-Colorful and fun one tap gameplay.
-Dozens of levels that will test your precision and reaction speed.
-Tranquil music will help you in concentration.
-Simple, vivid graphics.
-Skip a level if it is too hard for you or get saved by the Circles.
-Compete in the leaderboards and share your high scores on Twitter."

iTunes Store Link:

Gameplay Trailer:

Check this topic's first post ;)

Thank you for the reply.  I believe I have multiple campaigns.  They were however before the removal of the bidding system but my android version also had the same set of campaigns ad still runs ads just fine without changes.  I didn't enable test ads because I figured it wouldn't matter as they don't pay for impressions.  I will try that later.  Side note, my chartboost on android has been a bit sub-par.  I heard it is better on apple but do you have any experience with other networks?  Specifically one with interstitial? 

Generally Chartboost is not showing ads on test devices without enable test ads option.

Ad-optimization is not easier than lots of people are thought. It has different and complex algorithm to take powerful eCPM. Lots of variables are effecting that. You have to create couple of questions to get highest eCPM. Heyzap solves this problem a bit because their algorithm calculates highest eCPM according to players' area. Anyway, if you have an arcade game you have to optimize each ad server. For example, 16 years old girl which plays Stack on her mobile phone never interested in slot games or a player in Sweden or Denmark is not easily attracts find-a-friend apps. If you optimize this options well my results are showing that;
For interstatials;
1) Leadbolt
2) Chartboost
3) Unity

For rewarded ads;
1) AppLovin
2) Unity

It will be better to integrate more than 5 ad-servers to your game. Because some ad-servers are not showing up on some regions. Heyzap is fixing this issue. If you use only Leadbolt, probably it will stuck on MENA region. Or if you use AdColony, you can not get enough revenue on Asia.

Right.  Everything compiles and runs but I don't think the test device (ios9) is sending requests to either chartboost or FAN.  I've tried editing the plists, but I'm not sure if i did that right.

1) Did you create a campaign on Chartboost dashboard?
2) If yes, did you enabled test ad on Chartboost dashboard?
3) Although it is working well on my side, Charboost changed its SDKs  a while ago. Heyzap Extension is using old-style SDKs. Maybe it could be about it, Robin knows best.
4) Facebook Ads are same also. I NEVER seen them on test devices but after release my game, i got results about it. So it is working. Also Facebook Ads dashboard is little complex so you have to set your ads carefully for test device.
5) Are you enabled only Facebook and Chartboost? If yes, check other ad-servers. If you using both Admob and Heyzap, you have to change Admob's latest SDK with oldest under stencylworks.

Hope, they will help you.


I will check it this weekend what the problem is with the latest SDK.

I 'm very busy with my own projects, so i am not a lot on the forum.

Hey. The problem is about Admob. Heyzap and Admob are now working together.  %100 Sure :) After install latest Admob SDK, clean project and all problems are fixed.

I just downloaded It from here last night, my issue was just the Heyzap test adverts were showing, but after about 10 mins the real adverts showed up. It appears to be working now.

Does anyone know how Admob works with Heyzap now that it is built into stencyl? Do I remove the admob extension? I have set up the admob code in hey zap but haven't added it in Stencyl?

Thanks. Are you try it on Android or IOS? If Android, try to install latest Heyzap Beta-SDK. Admob and Heyzap could have some troubles . If IOS, i dunno why and my problem could be about it.

Hi Robin, thanks for this awesome extension.

Thought I had some issues but it just took a bit of time for the adverts to start showing, working great now.

Hey, are you changed latest Heyzap SDK? With latest update Heyzap is not working anymore at my side. External adservers are not working and heyzap ads cant fetch. Also cant reach Robin, he could be very busy. Could please tell me what was your issues and the solutions?


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