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While browsing through the resources I found behaviors with the "lock" symbol on them.
This is with the latest build. I was able to view and download them. I was told to make a post XD

Resolved Questions / Re: How is this website funded?
« on: April 02, 2011, 10:37:15 am »
I would pay for it, there isn't any other tools that artists with no coding skills can make games with.

I believe in the old saying "You get what you pay for". Besides, there are a lot of programs that go from the free alpha/beta stage to payment service down the road.

Chit-Chat / Re: Random Chat Thread
« on: March 28, 2011, 11:03:01 am »
My family is given, like, 80 giggly-bytes per month (hey, it's better than the five it used to be.) and Verizon will charge 10 bucks per meggy-byte if anyone goes over it. This mess came with a 5-Spot 3G wireless thing, and I guess the only point to it is the connection is piped through Verizon's cell phone towers or something.

But, don't worry. If things keep going the way they are, looks like everyone regardless of how you're connected will get to enjoy the wonders of bandwidth caps.

If you can you should look for better alternatives, that is highway robbery. Lucky for us up here we don't have so much restrictions, I think we have a cap on our internet but we never reached it, ever.

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Super Rocketeer
« on: March 27, 2011, 07:57:33 pm »
*Mind explodes*

Very nice wood textures.

Chit-Chat / Re: Random Chat Thread
« on: March 27, 2011, 11:07:55 am »
I would rather use notepad then use CSS, I hate CSS.
That doesn't make much sense. Notepad is a text editor, while CSS is a language.
For website making. I'd rather use full HTML then a style sheet.

Chit-Chat / Re: Random Chat Thread
« on: March 27, 2011, 10:21:47 am »
(For sake of reference, my current site was done in Notepad using my "lazy HTML," i.e. whatever makes sense to me at the time of me creating it, not professional at all. u_u)

That's pretty good for just notepad. I would rather use notepad then use CSS, I hate CSS.
Javascript is also fun, lol.

Chit-Chat / Re: Random Chat Thread
« on: March 22, 2011, 04:13:20 pm »
Got Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 for the PS3 yesterday. Been playing the heck out of it and it is really fun. The characters are all unique and the fighting is fast and jam packed with style.

Dante and Zero are currently at the top of my list. I'm trying to get used to Amaterasu's fighting style as well.

Have you tried the Mortal Kombat demo? It's really fun. Glad to see games going back to the tried and true old school.

Resolved Questions / Re: What FPS do you get when playing this?
« on: March 20, 2011, 10:15:34 pm »
25-30 but my computer is a dinosaur.

Chit-Chat / Re: Stencyl Artist Trading Card (ATC) Swap!
« on: March 18, 2011, 11:28:29 am »
It all comes down to one person eh, lol.

Chit-Chat / Re: Random Chat Thread
« on: March 17, 2011, 06:51:12 am »
My shading still bothers me. I just can't wrap my head around the whole concept. I never know where to shade, even when using several reference pictures. And my pictures get so few views that I barely get any constructive criticism on my work. Oh well. I just gotta be patient and keep working at it.

If you need constructive criticism you can just PM me. I work for free.

Chit-Chat / Re: What is your favorite food of all time?
« on: March 13, 2011, 08:32:55 pm »
Spaghetti. Can't get enough of it.

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