Bug Issue: Debug analog drawing on gamepad input

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August 15, 2019, 05:21:07 pm
b10417 on Windows 10, I have logs through the game controller, using a Dualshock 4 controller.
EDIT: AdventureIslands told me he had this issue on b10300 with an xbox controller, whereas with a DS4 controller I'm only having this issue on b10417. There was also a discrepancy with the controller "input" from previous builds and different controllers, but I'll see if I can talk about this in a separate thread or on Discord.

Any input on a gamepad prints something in the game controller, both on press and release, without any print block present. The glaring problem happens when you release an analog (sticks or triggers). I believe it's suppose to be set to 0 when the analog is released and stop printing, but it never does (see attached image). This is making very difficult to debug gamepad issues or anything in general when playing with a gamepad.

I don't think it was suppose to be printing at all, but if it is suppose to do that, the analog shouldn't print forever after it was moved.

Sample Game: it just has a scene with nothing in it. Connect a gamepad, run the game, press buttons, move the analogs/triggers and check the log viewer/game controller.
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December 10, 2019, 03:40:18 pm
Got rid of the debug messages in b10477.

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