Bug Issue: Splash screen not scaling/positioning correctly on iOS 13.4

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April 01, 2020, 08:38:37 pm
Hey Guys,

Updated my iOS to 13.4 and my splash screen is too big.  Almost like it's showing the iPad size so I can only see a little bit of text that should be centered on the screen.


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April 05, 2020, 10:26:26 pm
Things look ok for me. Can you export your game to an Xcode Project, and then take a look at what the launch storyboard looks like from there?

(From Stencyl)
  Publish > Mobile > Xcode Project > Choose where to save it
  Tools > External IDE > Launch Xcode

(and then from Xcode)
  File > Open > {exported folder from Stencyl}/Export/ios/{game name}.xcodeproj
  Project Navigator > {game name} > Resources > {game name}/splash.storyboard

Click the "View as" button on the bottom status bar to change which device/orientation you're using to preview the image with.


Here are the three relevant files/folders that Stencyl writes to in the Xcode project to generate the splash screen. If things aren't looking right to you, can you send me these files, as well as the device/orientation you're testing with?

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{Exported Project}/Export/ios/{game name}/splash.storyboard
{Exported Project}/Export/ios/{game name}/Images.xcassets/ipad-splash-sb.png.imageset
{Exported Project}/Export/ios/{game name}/Images.xcassets/iphone-splash-sb.png.imageset
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