Suggestion Issue: Platform-Based Extension Manager?

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February 19, 2017, 12:14:45 pm
I am a new user of this platform and while I have not noticed a similar suggestion, if there is one then I apologize.


Defining the  Issue: As a new user I have been curious about trying various extensions (expecially but not exclusively the Dialogue Extension (for which I still cannot figure out how to get a hold of the latest version - the repository not recognized by Stencyl).

With some more hunting around I am starting to figure out that I have to manually seek out and download any extension - and have it installed - somehow (still trying to manage that).


Suggestion: Might it be possible to modify the Toolset Extensions Manager such as to behave more similarly to Wordpress plugins?

This in that:

- A full list of extensions is available directly via this web-interacting section.
- One can simply click an item on the list to get a summery, along with user rating, size and an 'Install' option.
- Once installed one can visit an 'Installed Extensions' Tab with a list exclusively of extensions installed. Clicking each offers similar information as previously except that one has the option of de-activating/activating an extension, and also uninstalling it.
- Additionally a highlighting of any extension for which a new version has come out.

These lists would only offer extensions which are greenlighted as viable on a given build version.  An advanced option would permit users to attempt to install an extension regardless of greenlighting.


This would require a modification to the way that extensions are presently presented.

I would suggest in this regards that it be possible for a user of Stencyl to upload and update an extension via the Stencyl website. New versions will optimally need to be approved on Stencyl's side. Ratings can be historical - applied to the version of the period concerned.


That is about it. I'll get back to trying to install extensions. ^_^

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    February 19, 2017, 12:14:45 pm
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