Unable to export SWF, cannot upload to stencyl arcade and more

I haven't modified the game and then suddenly i can't export SWF anymore. I tried to upload the game to stencyl arcate and I've got an error "no internet connection" or sort of.
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Something is wrong with this resource:
[LOG] exception during transcoding: Failed to grab pixels for image /Users/luisignaciocejudofontes/stencylworks/preview/game/resources/70.png
[LOG] Unable to transcode ../game/resources/70.png.

Navigate to that file in your OS and open it to see what it is. Then, in Stencyl, remove that resource and import it again. Let me know if that works!

I did erase it and reimported again (i forgot to mention it) but the issue persist. It seems that when the import take place the 70.png is exported wrong (I have no control over that, or can i?). It's weird because it was doing everything ok before.
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