Malaika Princess : The game [PERFORMANCE HELP NEEDED ]


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Hi thanks a whole for doing this !

Your pc is 6 years old and you got a 60 fps solid ? O_O
I'll check the flashplayer also , maybe i dont have it but my fps is around 30 fps , 40 at best

But you are right , EXE versions of stencyl are wayy better than the swf one, with exe i have a solid 60 fps , sometimes its drops to 58 , but it's not a problem.

I can't use atlas for swf releases, works only for EXE

I'll try to reduce and remove a lot of elements in the game and behaviors too.
I will change the background and make it simple , since the heroine dive into dreams , dark one , but necessery for the real combat after , i'll be able to remove many things in the background and maybe gain some more fps for my computer.

You have crazy 16 gb ram , maybe its what make the difference... i only have two laptop and both have less than yours , 8 gb and 4 gb

I'm working on laptops only , here in africa in some countries , they cut down power everyday so laptop is the only way.

I could use EXE  but many popular sites dont allow it , newgrounds is one of them
Do anybody knows any alternatives ?


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If you want to upload to Newgrounds, your only option is Flash/HTML5.
For exe, you can try uploading it to indieDB , , GameJolt.
Maybe create 2 version?
For Flash version, cut some parts, make it a lighter version.
For exe version, you can go all out.
This way you can upload to all those places.

You have crazy 16 gb ram , maybe its what make the difference... i only have two laptop and both have less than yours , 8 gb and 4 gb

Its a lot back then, but I don't think its a lot for today standard.
Most of my friends who do the same work as me uses 32GB-64GB of RAM at the minimum.
I used to work on a lot of freelance job handling heavy 3D scenes for visual effect shots.

In your case, I think the fps difference is more on the CPU side.
Desktop CPU is much more faster than laptop CPU, even if both are under the same generation model.
Your 4GB & 8GB is more than enough for the game.
You might want to check and optimize your behavior code.


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Hi , i put some behaviors i got
The largest one is i think the whole main one (i used screenshot button , never used that before )

Once you saw them , maybe you gonna get if there is bad behaviors in it or not

In any case , yeah i'll review my code and try to have one unique version for everything , exe, html5, swf etc*
That's my goal here.

I'll probably remove more stuff in the background , there is an everyday behavior wich simulates day and night cycle

The game is set into a dream of the heroine so i can always make something dark , static and all.

I'm baffled by what you said about the bad performance of laptops , maybe that explain why people still buy them , i thought laptop were equal to dekstop pc ! my most recent laptop is core i7 , 2.7 ghz , 8 go ram , MSi (my second asian laptop after toshiba )
Those laptop are awesome for 3d games but have hard times with flash it seems.
I have 8 processors on my new laptop (msi) , sockets 1, hearts : 4

Yours is 3.7 ghz , i could recommend that to people before playing my game but like i said many times , when i play malaika.exe , it's constant 60 fps , when i try malaika.swf, it's 30 fps.
For now i can't use html5 cause the html5 version is too buggy , i can't go beyond stencyl 3.2

thanks for your insights !


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i tested on:

Lenovo notepad Windows 10Pro 64-Bit
Intel Core i7-4600U CPU @ 2.10 Ghz
8 GB RAM INtel HD Graphics Family

Firefox, Opera, Edge

I got min 59 frames.

I will play a bit more later. It looks interesting although the start screens are totally overloaded :)


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Bombini seems having a way better computer than me but have 60 fps lol
Something is wrong with my computer obviously so maybe my code is good


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I wonder how you guys manage to get 60 fps

I'm locked to 30 fps ?  it's weird , did i blocked something in flash options ?

do you use a special program to speed up firefox flash games or something ?


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  • Posts: 1375 special plugins no magical speedy thingies :)


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i'm working on the html5 version , it's bugged a lot
trying to make it play correctly


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I got about 28FPS on the version with the background. I wasn't able to run the version hosted on Dropbox. Chrome attempts to download the SWF file every time I try to run it. I wonder how much the other activity on the DA page (animated images in the "also by this artist" block, etc.) might affect a comparison.

I work on a new version with no background but only sprites
Performances seems a bit better

Download the swf file (not a virus ) and click right with  google or firefox etc


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The previous swf from the dropbox, "no background", "with background",
and the "game online with background" on the deviant art, I got 60fps for all of them.

Not sure why Merrak only got about 28fps though. His PC specs seems to be better than mine.
I'm running it on Opera 42.0.2393.94 , Flash Player

I played with them for a while, survived as far as KM : 75000,
later got lucky and survived for a few minutes, but when I died it doesn't show how far I survived.
Still I got mostly 60fps. It drops to 59fps for half a second every now and then, then back again to 60fps.
But I think thats normal. Must be the Garbage Collection kicking in.

I like the one with the background, the whale gliding is pretty cool.


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Holy cow
You got a special PC then
Maybe you have configured your opera browser in a good way

I mostly get 30 fps with the build i uploaded

I'll keep the whale then

75000 kilometers ? WOW
I will improve the gameplay greatly cause right now it's very basic and not much complete but i'm impressed by that score.

I put an automatic reload on those build to see how the framerate will behave , i'll do the classic Death--> Menu--> Game-->Death etc after .


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Performance is better now

I removed many stuff like the heroine had this long idle animation , i made it as a one frame
Same for the yellow cubes

Still have some strange behaviors like in the end of the video , the boss was supposed to be pushed back and he went through the Blue cube like it was nothing


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New short video

Now when you brake , you goes back
The boss will have several TYPE of ATTACKS
Physical , he goes towards you and nothing can stop him unless you do something
Projectiles attacks  , he projects an astral image of him , not perfect image (with an hole in it )
#GameWorld #screenshotsaturday #IndieDevHour

Game is almost done , some little stuff to check here and here and it should be finally playable


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I tried this and it seems imrovinh performance guys




I unchecked it and it seems working at 40 fps , maybe it will stop after but it seems improving performances !

So for people who have problems , try those

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New music for my minigame !!!
Music wise it should be complete now
Composer is
Frederik Max

I must complete the rest , adding the last gameplay phases and hope there wont be bugs like in this video (in the end )

That end bug killed me so much , i killed myself on purpose