[SOLVED]Music Overlapping After Reload/UnPause

I have been recently bashing into this error quite a lot now while tweaking both games I have made by following the two Crash Course Guides. But will refer to any games I may make.

The problem is that whenever you die and/or reload the level, the music restarts and overlaps the current music playing. I have set it up so whenever you pause the game and resume, the music restarts - giving the resolution.
I have been messing around with it but no luck :(

Here is a example of what is happening:

If any more information is needing please just ask. Thanks  :D

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I had troubles with this in reloading scenes as well. I solved it by placing the "Stop all sounds" block right before the scene would reload thus no more overlapping music.

You can also try making a scene behavior like this:

When created:
Stop all sounds
Do after so and so seconds: Play music

Thanks A Bunch!

Had not really thought about it like that.
A Fix of the game will be placed immediately.

I will give you Much Appreciation  :)