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We've all done it (myself probably more than most) -- you set out to create a game, you start getting into it -- and then you either lose interest or run into an issue that you don't feel like trying to overcome.

I'm not sure if this forum is the best place for it, but this is a thread for those games.  If you at least made your way to a playable game or tech demo - feel free to post a link here so people can see it.  Who knows, maybe there will be some interest that will spark your willpower to continue along.  Don't let your ideas be lost forever :)

Note: If you do happen to publish a game to share, make sure you mark it as a Work in Progress on the game page, as to not clutter up the published games section.


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Here's one from me: Play Zomkeys

Was planned to be a Typing of the Dead type game.  I just flat out lost interest after finishing the core mechanics. 


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Kinda cool, actually. If you added a high score feature, it would be a pretty straightforward educational game. I can see why you lost interest though. Not exactly a whole lot there beyond that core gameplay.


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Well, I've got, Nine Pixel Game 2... I dropped it since not only did I make a huge mess of code, but I don't have the brightest lightbulb in level design... and I realized I was sucking the life out of the framerate in the process on my Mac. Maybe I'll redo the game...

Left/Right Arrow Keys: Move and changes your "action direction" to that arrow key.
Down Arrow Key: Changes the action direction for the player without moving.
Z Key: Jump. You can only move while you're not falling, so if you are falling, it's straight down from there. That means no walking off of a cliff either to try to cross a gap.
X Key: Pushes wall pixels in your "ACT DIR", or action direction. Will also attack enemies in the future.
S Key: Changes the action direction for the furby graphic without moving.

Unimplemented Controls:
Up Arrow key - Cycles through instructions for How To Play levels.
1-5 Keys: These are your summon keys... 1 summons a grey pixel for you to jump on as a stepping stone , 2 summons a pink pixel helper to get rid of enemies and grey pixels, 3 summons a yellow pixel "spring" that, when you stand on it and jump, you can get an extra pixel's worth of height, 4 does the same thing, only that the pixel is dark green and can take out enemies, and you get two pixels of extra height instead of one, and 5 brings out the furby graphic, which has two pixels of required height, but he acts as a one pixel stepping stone. He can also save Magenta from death... if Magenta runs out of health, the furby graphic gets terminated and Magenta gets whatever the furby had left in health. Remember that Magenta has a limited number of summons, so you can't abuse this if you have to deal with a puzzle with a solution that requires the maximum number amount of summons.
F Key - Makes the furby graphic attack with his sword in his action direction. His attack has two pixels range... the sword graphic accounts for one, and it deals double damage. Note that he cannot push pixels unlike Magenta.
Enter Key - Restarts the level if you get stuck... AKA, it's your panic button to go to the Game Over screen and reset the level.
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Same here. At the moment I have 6 games that I lost interest in because they "were stupid". In fact, I'm just about to switch over to the new Stencyl, so they won't exist anymore.  ;)


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Here's another one that I started but never developed into a full game concept.

Can It:


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I think you should develop Can It into a full game if you ever get the time. It's really fun.

Here's Gourd from back in the Java days.

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I have several designs, but I have 2 projects that I put effort into, with 2 different teams. The first was going to be a platformer, and the second was going to be a match 3 variant. The second project is currently being developed by a former team member as a college project in java, so I'll update with a link when I hear more from him.

I started designing back in about '96, and I think I still have my notes around somewhere of my first game design doc - a 3D Sonic RPG (and this became my first game design deja vu). I just get too into the details and get overwhelmed so no luck so far. I hope that I can be a bit more successful with Stencyl.

Another design that actually got published and also was never finished (paradox? maybe lol) was my test game, which was to be for a new platform for flash. The "style" was going to be for flash enabled forum signatures and fit in with the userbars that people make for themselves, before it became common knowledge that flash is a high security risk for forums. Oh well!


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A Real Time Strategy Kit. :) I'll probably go back to it sometime.


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Keep Falling. It was an arcade like game, where you go down a randomly generated abyss, killing monsters and getting equipments. While the character level wasn't saved, the equipments and skills obtained were, and you could select your equipments before entering the abyss. There were also boss battles, that would unlock special skills; a bestiary to view info on the enemies; and of course, achievements.

After a certain level, the so called "abyss souls" would start spawning. If they touched an enemy, it would corrupt him, transforming it into a more powerful version. The hero was also transformed by these souls, gained a powerful skill, and wouldn't get experience for the duration of the transfomation.

Two characters were made:

The "hero", a melee oriented, with only two magic skills: regen (recover over time) and Impulse (an explosion centerd on himself, used to push back enemies). For physical skills, he had a ground bash, dash attack and an uppercut.

The "mage", as the name implies, has various magic skills: Ghost Missiles (seek the nearest enemy), fireball (explode on contact), Star Seeker (combo of ghost missiles and fireball), and Light Cannon (Kamehameha, so to speak).

The two bosses I've made were a giant bat who could be corrupted by the souls, and a giant dinosaur. The baby version of the dinosaur (Skipper) was a normal enemy. I was planning a little cutscene were one of these babies run away, and you meet the Mama (see one of the screen shots). In the screen shot, it is using a fireball thrower. It also had a roar skill that stunned the player.

The game started breaking after some updated on StencylWorks, and then I lost motivation (performance issues with the random abyss). But given all the work I've made, it will surely live on in my next projects.

Play Keep Falling here.
Arrows to Move, C to attack, X to jump, Up to open treasure chests, Z to use skills, A/S to cicle through learned skills. The abyss generates more types of platformes as you level up. I only made platforms up to level 8. The abyss souls start appearing at level 5, and there are no boss rooms in this demo (though they were made). You get a new bestiary entry when you kill a new enemy.

I've left a debug behavior that increases experience when you press up. Oh well.

For the hero skills, down + C (midair - ground bash), Up + C (uppercut), twice right or left + C (dash attack). Both characters have double jump.

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Wow, pretty awesome. I'm loving the intro splash.


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Keep falling was pretty fun to play the only downside was that it gave me more lag as I progressed through the level.


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I had a few projects, one similar to Zomkeys, which was called, "The Runner of 100 Pixels," in which you type to be able to jump over big rocks. It was in black and white.

Another was, "Pixelatronics." You were a robot and you had to find your way around 60 levels to get to the exit of your laboratory. After that was a boss.

The reason I quit on Pixelatronics was because I had thought that I messed up in some logic somewhere, but I didn't know what.
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I decided to clean out my attic, so to speak, so here's some of the stuff I found laying around:

1-Bit Hero

I've halted work on these projects, but I may return to them some day!


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I made this tech demo to simulate 3D. I like how it turned out and plan on using it for RPGs and/or adventure games sometime in the future.
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