How to Solve: Tiles Not Showing Up On Scene


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Hey guys,

Not sure if anyone has had this problem before, but I know I've personally experienced it on numerous occasions: Game Tiles Not Showing Up In The Scene

It's pretty easy to fix. How to Solve: Tiles Not Showing Up On Scene

^ Wrote a little blurb about two instances where it can occur and how to solve it. If anyone knows any other examples/solutions, that'd be great. I'd love to lengthen the guide.
- DarkKnightH20
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The link u provided isn't opening :(
I really need to know how to fix this problem.


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is the tile not showing up is spawned by using the tile API? if its the case, i solved it by placing the tile on my scene manually from scene editor for at least one and leave it there, seems like you can spawn tile by using the API unless the tile already placed on the scene first
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