SWATLLAMA's Terrible Art!


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Hello there! I shall showcase all of my beautiful art here! Actually, I won't. I will only showcase the art I do for my games. The terrible stuff that it is. I'm too embarrassed to show most of it, since they are just simple polygons, but I've been working on these two sprites for a few months. Like.... 9 months on and off.

They are pixelated sprites of drug addicts. They're not very good, but are drug addicts very good? My point exactly! They will be featured in a game I'll start the coding on once 3.0 comes out. Till then, I'm just focusing on art.

Enjoy. Please give suggestions as to how I can make them better. I will continue to tweak them as needed. I don't think I'll have any animations besides a few leg movements to lean and un-lean, since I'm guessing idiots are sluggish.

Kids, they are also fat. So don't do drugs. You'll become fat, obese, have high cholestrol, be miserable, and die slow and painfully while having thousands of diseases running through your bloodstream. I'd add wrinkles to my images, but obviously I'm a terrible artist.
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