Second Dev. Wanted for Game (Demo Available and Shared Revenue)


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Hey out there, Stencyl community,

  I have been working alone for a few months now, building up skills and familiarizing myself with Stencyl itself. While I've learned a lot and made a lot of progress, it's been tedious and lonely in a strange way. It has been my plan to eventually seek out a team for a while, and with my first game structured with a strong foundation, I would certainly like to believe I am ready to work together with other Stencyl folks.

  With this point made, I would like to ask if any forum readers would be interested in collaborating with my humble personage on a project. The project is specifically one of a game that I have been working on for some time. A demo is available, but I don't feel comfortable posting it onto Stencyl yet. I will go into detail on getting the demo from me later in the post. This is what I need specifically:

  I am looking for a team member who would be comfortable with Stencyl coding (like behavior creation), who is willing to commit time and effort loyally to a small project. This person would need to collaborate, listening to what I need as well as giving input, communicate well with me, and be kindly patient. Most of the groundwork for the game (described below) has been laid, including drafts of visual art, behavior design and planning, and original music (!!!!).

  Phew. That sounded like legal text. Anyway, I want to make myself clear in sounding serious. I feel super awkward bragging about my game, but I want to attract similar focus. Without further ado, here is an intro to the game I want help with:

  The title of the game is "Crystalline Crenelations." A bit of a mouthful, and as always, I'm open to suggestions, but I personally am partial to this. It is sort of a sandbox physics game (genres depending on game mode), with a retro theme, centered around sand castles, as the name may suggest to you. The player is given the tools to build fortifications on the beach, against a relentless tide. In one game mode, the player is given the goal of protecting a flag from getting wet. In others, players can prepare for a massive tidal wave, or just play around with no imposed objectives. With simple interface, it would be easy to pick up but hard to master, as the depth would allow for more difficult levels of playing. But as a bottom line, it would be intuitive, mild, and replayable. At the bottom are a few screenshots of what I have done as of here.

  While I want to keep leadership in the project, I do not aim to be an autocrat. I am always open to new, even radical, ideas. I also would be willing to share revenue fairly when the time comes for publishing.

  If you are interested, please PM me instead of replying to the post and I will get back to you. I will include the demo if I trust that things would go well (with concerns over it getting stolen). As closing notes, I would like to apologize for this post sounding so formal (I'm not a robot), and for any hurt feelings over not being selected. It doesn't mean I don't like your style, only that you're not right for this particular job.

  Thanks, and see you on the forums.


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Sorry to bump up, but I am sort of stuck waiting for replies. Let me know soon if you are interested!


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Your game looks cool, who doesn't love building sand castles, right? :)
Good luck finding a partner.
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Hey, thanks! Not to sound like a narcissist, but I like the concept myself! We'll see how things go, and I will be sure let you know when it's done.


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I am not exactly... "Experienced" but I will help in what ever way i can. With out sharing the revenue. I am not in this for money.. Yet. Go ahead and send me a message if you want to.