What does one do..


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If he can not pixel art for shit, but has a burning in his crotch to develop the vidya?
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Try creating smaller, less detailed sprites.  Use basic shapes. Go for a retro style.  Or team up with a spriter (Better have money or experience unless you're lucky).

If you want to do it yourself, you just have to have patience to learn and work on it.  My spriting skills still suck ass, but it sucks a little less ass than before.


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Revamping and modifying existing sprite can be a nice and complementary exercise.
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Like Hoamaru said, start with more humble art styles. A game doesn't need art that looks like it took talent to make for it to look good, it just needs to look consistent and pleasing to the eye. Geometric, abstract, or just really small art is the easiest way to go about this.

If you're looking to actually become talented with any art then all you can do is try and make the art you already can make and over time your brain will gradually improve on the subject.

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It's all practice if you want to develop your own style. Your sprites will suck at first, but each one you make will be nicer than the last. Some people prefer bigger sprites as you don't need to do as much anti-alias trickery to make detail look good, but most people seem to find smaller ones easier.

Looking for some good tutorials and messing around with the sprites of games you like the style of along the way will help too :P


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If he can not pixel art for shit, but has a burning in his crotch to develop the vidya?
You do what I did, and arbitrarily restrict yourself to a limited set of options that force you to be creative within the restraints of your personal ability.

Little 4 Eyes was created as it is for two main reasons. First, I was tired of having large grandiose project ideas that I had little prospects of completing given my everyday time constraints - so I forced myself into a very simplistic design and fought every urge to increase it's complexity. Secondly, I hate having to produce so many assets (art, sound, etc) for the more "beautiful" games (or seek assistance from others to produce them) - so I deliberately chose something simple and restrictive enough that even I couldn't run out of motivation and get too lazy to finish spriting it.

8x8 pixels x 2 colors (for actors, transparency doesn't count since it's on a white background anyway). I dare you! And, if you want to increase the scope of your restrictions to include more colors - it's not like you wasted a lot of effort, right?

Or you could use my tileset, hah.
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You join Stencyl and gather resources from our extensive Forge and-slash-or enlist the help of your fellow members? o3o


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Man thanks guys, you gave me a nice idea of where to go from here. I would rather not have no get outside help that cost!

So either try something retro (simple and could be stylish)?

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