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Just found an openfl extension for camera support: https://github.com/bazzisoft-openfl-extensions/camera

Edit: It makes capture stills on a device's camera & receive the JPEG byte data or BitmapData in OpenFL possible.

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I think Integrating google game services is a must "Leaderboards, Achievements & Multiplayer", this will increase the popularity of stencyl games, I don't know why you never think of working on this!

For Leaderboards, Achievements and Multiplayer you can take a look at the Nuggeta extension.
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I saw your extension SadiQ and it's great, but integrating stencyl with google play services would be awesome!


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Any chance for Video ads being supported?
Vungle or Adcolony?
These monetize VERY well.


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There's a Vungle extension for Android.


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With the new Image API in the nightlies now, a camera extension would be really welcomed and well-timed. You could save it as a BitmapData and make it compatible with all the new Image blocks.

I do not know if this could be used to treat you from action script: http://foros.cristalab.com/actionscript-puede-hacer-juegos-de-realidad-aumentada-t108231/
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Has anyone considered making an amazon mobile ads extension?  Apparently, it pays better than ad mob.  :)


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I know very little programming, it would be interesting to have an extension of skillz, take a look on the service, I think you will like it: D


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An extension for iCloud would be really useful   :)


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I played around with Amazon Game Circle the past few days as an alternative to Google's service but also because it's a requirement for Amazon's Developer Select program.  I couldn't figure it out though because there are a few extra parts to deal with besides the jar file.  Even if it did work, I think it would be too annoying to use because files have to be edited and moved around after every game change.  Also you need to use Java's keytool to grab the MD5 hash of your keystore. . .what the heck Amazon.


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I think supersonicads can be a good extension. It use rewarded videos. And I think it's possible to create extension, because it has .a files. Now I not really understand for it, but maybe someone can make it)
supersonicads used by some popular games, I know minimum one - hill climb, and it use that for 15k coins award for watching video. I want this option in my game, cause it has well revenue
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there is a pitch extension.. nobody has really worked on sound as far as i know.. id like this too!!


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