2D Pong:PAE!(WIP)


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Made in less than a week(in prior to preparing my Stencyl top-down Platformer/ATBRPG), comes a working demo of 2D Pong: Phat-***ed Edition! While Stencyl 2.2 possibly can't handle all of its physics it is capable of:

  • Ball & Bar Powerups(almost done, held back for some reason.)
  • Lives
  • Scores for Players 1 & 2
  • 2 Players operating at the same time!(To be worked on...)
  • Penalties(chosen by the winner/loser) before and after the game starts/ends

Please leave feedback on how to improve it, using Stencyl 2.2(I can't afford PRO, right now!), and be honest. Have fun and kudos to everyone on SForge/OpenGameArt for the resources!


Update(edit 6/24/13): Expecting to troubleshoot in the nearby future still and need to get experience with labels.

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Feel free to lend a hand in troubleshooting it while playing it. If you find an obviously potential snag in it, PM me! Testers who help are welcome to include their name in the credits.


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I'm wondering if you tested the game yourself... It froze at the beginning of the level.


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 Today's update: I'm still working on it, I need help on how to use/make label actors and speed up gameplay.