File Size Limit with Audio

So I've been working on a rhythm game for a little under a month, and I was just about to upload a light version for the Game Jam thing when I realized that I was way, way, way over the filesize limit. I managed to export an .swf and the file size is 75 MB. Ouch.

There aren't a ton of graphics used, but it would seem that most of the problem is all the .mp3s I have to have packaged in to really have a rhythm game. So, basically my question is, is there any way to have any real amount of full-length music in a game and keep it under 10 MB? How would an RPG or established Flash rhythm games like Super Crazy Guitar Maniac get around this problem? I'll get back to trimming graphics content, but I really hate to get rid of music when I don't even have that many tracks to choose from in the game yet.


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Streaming pack on forge + dropbox.

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Okay, that may work. Given that this game relies on an exact-ish beat to align with the audio, is there any chance that streaming could affect the timing in any way? Due to server or client lag or just the extra processing steps necessary to load from an external source? Not that I have much choice.


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Bumping down the quality and going mono is another way to cut down. For judging purposes, we don't dock for things like this.

Looks like I'm going to upload a version with much, much less music anyway, packaged in for now, then I'll figure out the streaming for the real version later. Thanks for pointing out the Forge pack, hope I can make sense of it pretty quickly.