Possible to add both Kongregate and iOS Gamecenter to same project?


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I'm evaluating Stencyl for a couple games I'm working on.  I hope to launch Flash versions to Kongregate first, than after getting user feedback, release the games for iOS.

Do I need separate copies of each project if I want to integrate the flash version with Kongregate, and the iOS version with GameCenter?  Or is logic available to determine how the game was compiled (iOS vs Flash)?  My main concern is recording achievements and scoring. Thanks.


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There are "do only in flash/ios" blocks, which I think are under Flow > Advanced.


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Not sure but when you create a new project, the options says Web or Web & Mobile, this may affect your game unless it's just a small flag that people can modify to switch between the two.


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actually as for me its better to separate the project into 2 different file.. editing a bit wont take too much time too.. also if you have images which only available on certain platform.. it can reduce the file size too.. :)
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