Flash tool : scout


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Has anyone had any experience of this tool?

For those that haven't, it can apparently monitor an swf, and give you statistics/data etc on your games performance and different areas of it that you can see. (while its running in a browser)

I was kindly given a file to check out importing into Scout, as I had put my game on fgl to get some early feedback, and I have a user saying its giving single figure fps, which I found unusual as it performs very well on pc's ive tried. So I checked this file out in Scout, but Im not really sure what Im looking at, although I gave the tool a try myself with the same game on the same page, and I have no visual issues.. bit confused really!

So i wondered if anyone had used this tool or was familiar with it, or maybe knew how to interpret the data its giving? (although with stencyl games using different stuff in the background im not too sure how well or reliable the information it gives would be?)