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Hey guys.

As I'm totally crazy about games, I want to try myself and design a piece of a good isometric tile based game. Anyways I'm a newbie in Stencyl and have really no idea how to deal with isometric views here.

What I would expect:
- Isometric view
- Heights supported (be able to "hide" behind objects (e.g. a tree) and be able to jump)
- Shortly documented (it'd rather be a tutorial to how to deal with this and come up with own maps)
- Customizable (tile size)

Here's a video for better understanding of my thoughts:

This one from Gemini looks brilliant but the way it is constructed scares the sh*t out of me (probably doesn't even allow to put own tilemaps) :/ And doesn't support jumping.

I could reward you with a 50$ (my budget is rather low) so if there is anybody who feels confident and is ready to help, I'll be more than happy.

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Honestly, the only way I can think of doing this is to either use that method, use the cheater pokemon style, or just screw around with classic platformer tiles to make them look 3d and skew thema bit. Honesly, stencyl's just not really meant for that.

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^That's a lie, i know for a fact someone's already done one.

You probably don't need to pay for this, a couple of searches and you'll be able to find a nice demonstration of isometric gameplay. Not sure who made it though... Maybe Alexin? He's pretty good at making these demonstrations of capabilities.


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What is it ??? May  i know ?

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Zen - Newgrounds - goo.gl/fd4mU

Shoot me a PM or something..

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Ah yeah, captain comic, that was it.