Off The Graph Equals Certain Death (A Simple, yet Challenging Game)(Promo Codes)


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Off The Graph Equals Certain Death

This app has been done for a while, I just forgot to post about it...


You are a line who has escaped the boundaries of the graph and is trying to get as far away as possible before you meet certain death. As you travel farther away from the graph, you will have to dodge an endless barrage of flying shapes, formulas, and anything else that might exist outside the graph. Once the front of your line collides with something, game over. If you can survive for 3 minutes out of the graph, something happens that I will not share here. You will have to figure this out for yourself.

The game will automatically save 5 of your highest scores on your device. It also has Game Center integration to give you access to global high scores.

The game's controls are simple. Since you are a line, all you need to do is drag your finger along the screen to change the line's angle and it will move in that direction.

The Lite version only lets you play the game for 2 minutes before ending the game. You can do this as much as you want to see if you like the game before you buy it.

Promo Codes (Let me know if you use one)