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I am currently in the development of a flash game, but since i prefer focusing on the actual gameplay, it needs a serious overhaul. Therefore, if you are interested in being a part of this project, send me a pm or reply in this thread!

The reason for the not-too-serious(-yet) is simply because i haven't used stencyl that much yet - you can of course see the game in its current state now before deciding whether you want to join or not. If you want to help out with the actual gameplay, that's cool too - i would like to have a word about the designs too  ;D

If you decide to join and hang around, any eventual profits will be shared equally between us - this is however my first actual game that i plan to complete eventually, which means that it might not be that top notch.

The game itself is a factory/simulation type game. As said, let me know if you have any interest and you can give it a go.

Also please note that i am a high school student, which means i have a limited amount of time to work on this project every day.

UPDATE: Partner found!

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Where do you expect to release the game, maybe people also wanted to know that.
Mochi, newgrounds, steam, chrome store, or whatever :)
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I am not too sure about that - thanks for the suggestion :P

I thought of trying out FGL or basically any site that would want it, but i have not decided yet.