New Sound Effects Released Today


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 I run IndieSFX (, a professional sound effect library specifically for games and today have released a new set of sound effects.

The new set is Apps and Minigames and was designed with mobile and web games in mind and includes lots of snappy notification, pick-up and general win/lose, menu and confirmation sounds; the essential catchy sounds that always come in useful. There are sounds for using objects (slide/turn/eat/drink etc.), attacks and hits too, audiences/applause effects, scrolling and more.

One of the most useful inclusions is an excellent collection of short stereo sound and music loops, jingles to set a scene in a few seconds while taking up the minimum of space.

There are 139 stereo sounds in the set, and as always all are original and created for this set. Effects are trimmed to silence and supplied as normal uncompressed (PCM) stereo and mono 16-bit wav files to ensure the highest quality standards.

Apps And Minigames Page:

Mark Sheeky, Recordist
IndieSFX - Game Audio For Game Developers


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I will check the website, thanks :)