Musician / Composer offered

Hi everyone,

My name is Carlos Devizia. I am a musician from Argentina. If you need music for your games, I would like to work for you.

Some examples of the music I made can be freely downloaded following the links:

In these music albums you´ll find very different things that range from blues -rock to experimental.

I have at my disposal a wide sound palette and work with different tools: software (VST, sequencer, synths), vintage software (Rebirth, C64 and Gameboy, Atari soft, etc.) as well as traditional instruments such as saxophone, guitar (electric ans Spanish); Bass guitar, keyboards, ethnic instruments, clarinet, etc. I can team up with a singer if vocals are needed.

I can also write arrangment and orchestrate music if needed. An example of an orchestral piece (directly taken from the score editor, not performed by real musicians or a real orchestra, but useful as an example):

Finally an example of a flash game with music composed by me:

And as a trained musician, I can handle several styles of music, and I am an open-minded guy with will to adapt my job to your budget and needs. In case we have the chance of working together you´ll receive the music ready to use. Appart from composing it, I will do the recording, mixing and mastering. Also, I can assure you a professional attitude. You know, meeting deadlines, being open-minded to criticism, and not being afraid of working hard.

You can contact me to the following e-mail addresses:

carlos devizia ((at))

wanderinggenie ((at))

Thanks for your time :)

Another flash game with music by me, in case you want to play it, and listen to the music. I made a couple of themes for this game:

And another one. You can play it and listen to the music here. I made three songs for this one:


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