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Hi guys.

Mini Mayhem is a top down driving game inspired by the classic SNES Micro Machines. It has two game modes, Solo where you collect the required amount of batteries and the golden battery and Traffic where you have to make it to the end of the stage.

You can grab it on Android here
or on IOS here

The android version is the most up to date, the IOS one will be updated to this stage when Apple finally get round to accepting the update. (Bug fixes, better performance, removal of the coming soon section, difficuilty curved better.)

Hope you enjoy


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Holy smokes, I downloaded this on my Nexus 7 with ease, perfect install and then i travelled back in time to playing Micro Machines, this game is sweet. If you had a multiplayer option you could go back in time 15 years and compete with that game lol. Great work!
Only minor problem i had was i got `stuck` at the front edge of a speed boost arrow and the rail beside it on level one. My car was at a perfect right angle and couldnt go forward (rail) and couldnt go back due to something related to the arrow.
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Thanks gruffman that real nice of you to say. Multiplayer would be awesome, if only.
I'll have peek at this boost pad collision issue, i'll just nudge it over and update it tomorrow.

***** sorted that out, thanks again******

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FYI, your Google Play entry's title has a typo.


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Complete face palm. A typo in the most important bit. thanks for the heads up, i hope i can change it


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Wow you game is fantastic