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Hi all.

I am Mark Knights and I teach how to make games with year 11 and 12 students.  I use Stencyl as the base tool to do this with and also put videos on YouTube that pretty much follow Stencylpedia's instructions.

I have today created a community in Google+ simply called Stencyl where I hope others will come and share their ideas and games.  Come join it, it is open and public.


Mark Knights


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There's another place that already has people sharing ideas and games called the Stencyl forums :P.


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Spreading Stencyl on internet is not a bad thing. People will end up here anyway :D. Good job!


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There is an official page about Stencyl already.
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I'd like to start cross-posting social media updates to our Google+ page, since it's basically empty, but their API doesn't provide write access (AFAIK).

I thought about starting up a Stencyl community on there, but I don't want to split the community between there and here. It's bad enough when people use our Facebook page to ask for support instead of using our contact form or the forums. :P

With that all said, though, I applaud the effort and would love to hear more about how you're using Stencyl with your students.