Pause Button Problem


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I have been having trouble with this simple behavior for a pause button. It pauses the game but it never is able to unpause the game. I tried waiting a little before clicking again but nothing seems to work.
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Check the actor's settings and make sure you set it to not be paused (it's on by default).


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I am having the same problem... just wondering if this was ever resolved. I'm using the "pause button" behaviour packaged with Stencyl 3.0.


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Try puting a 'do after 0.2 seconds' block after the if and otherwise blocks, before the pause or unpause, that worked for me.


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You do have a button (actor) that you do click to pause.

If you do, be sure to set it as "Cannot be paused" on its property.
If you do not set it as "Cannot be paused" you will not be able to click on it to unpause your game.

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