What happened to highscores?


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What happened to the old highscores system?
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We nixed it since literally almost nobody was using it. You can use Kongregate high scores if you like.


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I was one of the "almost nobody" who has used it on my game   ;)(http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/4223).

This is disappointing news, as I think it was useful. You could use it for high scores, or use it to save player information so that it would be the same no matter which computer the player uses to play the game.

Kongregate is fine... if you use Kongregate. But also I don't think you can do quite as much with it besides a normal highscore list. Isn't it a bit early to decide when something is not useful, as many people are still new to the system and there really aren't that many high quality games out there made with Stencyl yet.

Of course the decision could be based on other factors not discussed here, etc. Oh well, I suppose high scores are not essential. Anyway, maybe when extensions are created someone can release a high-scores extension or something.


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We're going with Mochi Scores as the official replacement for this. The main reason wasn't just the lack of use within and outside the team, but a conscious decision to not get into the web/API side of things because of the maintenance required and the existence of better/more prevalent solutions already.

We're taking the same approach with iStencyl, opting to go with Apple's Game Center and later, Open Feint, rather than rolling our own solution.


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Ah, I wondered if something like that might be the reason. So does that mean one day there will be blocks and everything to support Mochi instead? (not informed about how that works)

That's fine, my only complaint would be that it's a bit awkward now (with no replacement highscores in there yet) if you have a game using highscores, but if you update your Stencyl, it will break your highscores if you update the game. Is it possible to download older versions of Stencyl to use just for updating older games?


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Yeah, when we incorporate mochi, you'll see (nearly) the exact same blocks as before.

1.0.0 is still available for download if you wish to continue working with the original high score functionality.


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Do you have a timetable for that?
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oh, i was wondering what happened to it, i wwas planning on using it in a game, well i cant wait until the new high score thing is out :D
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1.2 will have MochiScores included.

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