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Hey there!

I'm working on my first project with Stencyl for about 7-8 months now and got quite far by learning everything by my self till now :) I got to say Stencyl is a great piece of software!
But now there's the first problem I can't solve on my own :(

I'm trying to build an ingame Store with the option to purchase Coins. With these coins it's possible to buy items in the Store.
I thought about building the Store with several Game Attributes but I don't think that this options is safe enough (there are many updates comming and also if someone may delete the game the purchased items should still be available).
So is there any safe way of keeping all purchased items even after deleting/updating/..?

Thanks to everyone for any kind of help!  :)


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I'm not sure but I think a lot of games use servers.

So there is no other chance of creating a store that checks what has been purchased? :-[
What if I'm going to do some updates? Would that also change saved Game Attributes?
I hope there is any chance of getting that done safe :(
Or can I only check in app purchases?
There is no "easy" way to safely check "how many coins did the player have before update/games has been deleted" and which item have been purchased with these coins?

Hope somebody could help me :-\


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I believe the only way would be to save the data in another place besides the device (a server). I assume you are using consumable in-app purchases for the app; those cannot be restored so if the user deletes the app, they are gone. The best way to do this without setting up a server may just be to warn the user that their coins will be lost if they delete the app.

Ok so i may invest in a server someday :D
What about updating the game? Will this affect the Gameattributes that have been saved for the purchased items (that have been purchased with coins you can buy/play for)? Or will they be restored/not even affected?

Thanks a lot!


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Updating the game will save all game attributes (they are only affected when the game is deleted).

Thanks for helping and I'll sure let you all know when everything is ready :)