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So i need some help cause i don't know any scripting. I need help putting together a script to make a car start with 0 health and every time the player collides with it to add 1 health and when it hits 50 to finish the round. also a script to spawn a specific actor on each side of the screen would be appreciated
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You should probably at least consider Stencylpedia before posting really, really basic stuff like this...Anyway...

You can use blocks to create a script like this to spawn actors randomly:
(This would be an event for a scene)
-When created
    Trigger [custom event]

-When [custom event] happens
    Wait [pick random number 5-15] seconds
         Create actor at [give it your own coordinates]
               Trigger [custom event]

Also you should consider starting the car with 50 health and decrementing it by 1 until you reach zero and kill it.  That's kinda how health works...


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If you go through the entire 5-part series, you'll understand the basics of doing what you posted (and a lot more) ;)
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