Chartboost Mobile Ads (Not Updated)


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Thanks for the update Rob1221.
I have an active account with Chartboost for some of my games which were done using a different engine, so was trying to get this working.
Anyway, as I see most of the Stencyl extensions for ads aren't being updated regularly so any suggestions on what I should be looking for? Any idea what the community in general is using? Stencyl has Admob built in but the video ad support isn't there (at present videos are the only ones that are monetizing to some extent).
I saw an extension for Unity Ads but haven't been able to get it to work smoothly yet.


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If the updated Unity one doesn't work then I don't think there are currently any extensions that have video, GDPR support, and also support 3.5 (Enhance extension is only 3.4 for now).