Detect if Xcode Command Line Tools is installed (or not)


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Not having this installed can cause lots of issues on iOS, and today, even stopped a Mac build from happening.,

We should figure out a way to definitively check for its existence. Maybe just run one of the commands it enables and parse the response?


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Actually, you can just check for the version number. In the Terminal, it's done like this...
$ xcode-select -version
It will return...
xcode-select version 2339.
At least some sort of version number if it's installed.

In your code, you should be able to run a terminal command that does this silently without actually opening the terminal and reading/checking for a version number.  All I have is the command line tools installed in 10.6.8 and 10.10.5. The terminal command works on both. ;)

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This was fixed about a month ago. I'll move this to completed.
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