Super Slider: Seasons


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A simple, relaxing action puzzle game. Guide a knight through 23 puzzling levels across three seasons. Grab a sword and defeat enemies, grab coins and gather points towards a Mochi high score.

Its been a hard month with school, full time job and GTAV but I managed to get a lot accomplished and am very happy with the outcome. This game works great on android and was intended to be a mobile game but am waiting to see the reception on flash first. I learned a bunch of new things and look forward to applying these lessons learned to future projects. Good Luck to everyone!

Featuring Music from LeoMDK

Made for the 2013 Stencyl Jam


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Quick Post Game Post:

I started this game last month at the same day the jam started before I even knew it was happening. I hadn't worked on a game in about 4 months and wanted start something up and see it through to the end. I have always been super interested in the game a month challenge but I always get to excited and build something much larger than it ever needs to be. I got the idea for my game from the old zelda puzzles where you push different objects around to push switches and escape from rooms.

Overall im rather happy with the game and how it was made in such a short time. I learned a lot through the process and hope to apply that knowledge to future projects. Good luck to everyone in the jam and keep an eye out for my next game. Thanks.



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I like to play games first, and then read about it.  I really felt this was designed for mobile in mind and to me seemed like a nice variant on the mobile game pudding monsters.

Im not too much of a puzzle guy so I cant really speak much about the design/puzzle aspects... but I did like getting the sword and having to get the sword again after dying.

I liked it.