[iOS] Local Notifications and Alerts [DEPRECATED]


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Local Notifications and Alerts for iOS Devices

Hi everyone!

I think that local notifications are very important because they remember to users that the developer would be very happy if they play your game once more. So I have created an extension that lets you schedule notifications that will be displayed even if your app has been put in the background.


 - Schedule new local notification.
 - Set icon badge number to
 - Increase icon badge number by
 - Decrease icon badge number by
 - Show alert with title and message

This extension is OpenFL and iOS 7 ready.

(Update: Download the 64-bit compatible version)

(Update 2: This is now deprecated in favor of the new version, which works on iOS and Android. http://community.stencyl.com/index.php/topic,42719.0.html)

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OMGGG finally!!! thanks for this!! gonna test it for sure, keep it up!!!


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NICE! thanks sooooooo much
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Are you working on an android one to
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What if you want to notify when the app isn't open but you aren't sure when it will need to be notified exactly? Like news alerts.

This sounds great! I really want to try this could you guide me on how to open up the block?


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YES ! Great !! Great Great Great !!!


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Hello dear,

This Extension is Cool!

But, 2Byte Language is not support.

Please Support to 2Byte Language.  :'(
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This extension is not working well: it is generating a lot of notifications in a short time.


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Starting February 1st, Apple requires all iOS apps to include 64-bit support. We've added this support to the core toolset and extensions, but users using your extension will need an updated version from you to continue using your extension in their games.

Please see the following forum topic for instructions on how to update your extension. All questions regarding the upgrade should be posted on that topic. Thanks!


Max Finch

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Updated to support 64 bit.


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Hi, when I try to include this extension it fails to build, with  'Unknown identifier : nme'. I'm using the latest 64bit version.

jar:file:/Applications/Stencyl-full/sw.jar!/res/logview4j/images/error.gif   false   ERROR   1423214631773000454   stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler   [openfl] ** BUILD FAILED **
jar:file:/Applications/Stencyl-full/sw.jar!/res/logview4j/images/info.gif   false   INFO   1423214631770000453   stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler   [openfl] make: *** [build-haxe-armv7] Error 1
jar:file:/Applications/Stencyl-full/sw.jar!/res/logview4j/images/info.gif   false   INFO   1423214631767000452   stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler   [openfl] /Users/markbawden/Dropbox/STENCYL_DEVELOPMENT/stencylworks/engine-extensions/notifications/Notifications.hx:24: characters 35-50 : Unknown identifier : nme
jar:file:/Applications/Stencyl-full/sw.jar!/res/logview4j/images/info.gif   false   INFO   1423214631767000451   stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler   [openfl] /Users/markbawden/Dropbox/STENCYL_DEVELOPMENT/stencylworks/engine-extensions/notifications/Notifications.hx:23: characters 51-66 : Unknown identifier : nme
jar:file:/Applications/Stencyl-full/sw.jar!/res/logview4j/images/info.gif   false   INFO   1423214631767000450   stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler   [openfl] /Users/markbawden/Dropbox/STENCYL_DEVELOPMENT/stencylworks/engine-extensions/notifications/Notifications.hx:22: characters 50-65 : Unknown identifier : nme
jar:file:/Applications/Stencyl-full/sw.jar!/res/logview4j/images/info.gif   false   INFO   1423214631767000449   stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler   [openfl] /Users/markbawden/Dropbox/STENCYL_DEVELOPMENT/stencylworks/engine-extensions/notifications/Notifications.hx:21: characters 51-66 : Unknown identifier : nme
jar:file:/Applications/Stencyl-full/sw.jar!/res/logview4j/images/info.gif   false   INFO   1423214631766000448   stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler   [openfl] /Users/markbawden/Dropbox/STENCYL_DEVELOPMENT/stencylworks/engine-extensions/notifications/Notifications.hx:20: characters 51-66 : Unknown identifier : nme
jar:file:/Applications/Stencyl-full/sw.jar!/res/logview4j/images/info.gif   false   INFO   1423214631766000447   stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler   [openfl] /Users/markbawden/Dropbox/STENCYL_DEVELOPMENT/stencylworks/engine-extensions/notifications/Notifications.hx:19: characters 44-59 : Unknown identifier : nme

Max Finch

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Yes it's because I just modified the extension to generate a 64 bit binary. I didn't know Stencyl or Openfl made changes to it's system. I'll see if I can fix this.

EDIT: Try this new build. I would test it but I don't have the time today.


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The nme thing is something that shouldn't be happening, and I can't quite figure out why it does. When stencyl builds a project, it's supposed to remap any "nme" reference to "openfl".

designpeg, did did you overwrite Stencyl in your Applications folder? If you did, could you try installing Stencyl again, but deleting the old copy first? I don't know if that will help, just a wild guess.
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