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I just found out a strange thing on Stencyl.

boolean = false
is not the same as
NOT boolean.
That's really strange. The resulting code from "not boolean" is "!boolean", both should be compiled in the same (optimized) bytecode. How have you encountered this behavior?
Sure, my games won't get better with all the new features of Stencyl.
But I do have more fun creating bad ones.

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Did you compare what the difference becomes in code-mode?

Hello my friend...
No. I didnt compare it.
It was a lucky thing to fix the bug.
I will explain it bellow...

I just found out a strange thing on Stencyl.

boolean = false
is not the same as
NOT boolean.
That's really strange. The resulting code from "not boolean" is "!boolean", both should be compiled in the same (optimized) bytecode. How have you encountered this behavior?

Hello you there too. =)
Imagine a "When Up key is pressed".
I have that behavior on my unlock agent - the hacking that leads to unlock spy 2.
I did create a positive check image to be shown just after hacking.

Like this:

But whenever I did finish hacking, the game did show me 3 or 4 images at the same time.
It was strange... typical behavior of "create actor..." inside a "when drawing".
Right? 60 frames per second... 60 images per second.

But mine was 3 or 4 images and then stopped.

The code was:


That way it would create only one actor "check".
But it did create 3 or 4...

As soon I changed to "IF DONE = FALSE" the behavior did fix by itself.
And now only one check image is being shown.

And back to the progress:
I did finish my spy #2 walking animation on spine.
Its really better... way better.
Also I did implement a checkpoint system.
So if you get busted on the end of scene 2 you will not need to rescue agent #2 again. There will be a chackpoint there.

I did also create a ingame tutorial, but I am still improving it.
For instance: I did create today my character that will lead the player on scene 1. The character that will explain how to play.

Here it is:

Also I can state that almost all bugs are now fixed.

What need to be done:
Enhance the Menu Screen.
Finish all characters animation on spine - not just walk.
Finish the ingame tutorial.
Finish Introduction and prison escape comics.

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Hello guys!
Anyone missed me? lol.

I am taking some time to update this diary because I am really focusing on fixing bugs and enhancing the artwork.
But I can state that I did a huge progress. At least that's what I do believe.

Some major changes were done.

For instance:

There's a new ingame tutorial.
I do believe its more user friendly now.
I still have to adjust its dialogs to fit on the baloons, so please ignore that "bug".

And I am ALMOST finished with the intro cartoons... really... I can state its 95% done.
But its not on the online version yet. =)

New Menu Screen

A new "agency director" character - it has a few shadows / cellshadings that are not on this picture.

New Enemy - which is not on the gameplay yet.

And a new scenario - also not on the gameplay yet.

You guys can play the updated version of the game using the following link:

And I really do hope to finish the demo - cartoon artworks, bugs, characters animations and a few tweaks - really soon.


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Hello my friends.

I am a kind of away from this community!
But there`s a reason for it: The game is in a "cosmetic" changing stage.
Which means that I dont have too much to show you guys besides some enhanced images, new tutorial, and a new menu.

My game has also a savegame feature, which will open the possibility to enable the artwork screen - bonus / unlocked feature.

Some new images to demonstrate what I have been doing:

New Menu with mobile buttons

New enemy and the alert of him being suspicious:

Another new enemy... and my spy floating - lol...

But the think I have worked most in the last month was to get the ingame tutorial to be user friendly and not annoying.
Will update the game on Stencyl Arcade soon.

But you guys can have a sneak peak - not finished - of it on the following link:

I do hope to update that link tonight or later tomorrow with a lot of new things.


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I've been missing for quite some time from here.
But I have been really busy with my game.

Enhanced it a lot, did upgrade a lot of things in artwork, engine and gameplay. A lot in gameplay by the way.

New Start Menu:

New Scenes

New Challenges

New characters

New features - animated GIF

Character Interations

Intro being shown directly ingame, not as static images as before:

Enhanced artwork and dialogs

A pause menu that was all changed:

And a Sketch for my new logo

Theres a lot more going on. But I really wanted to show that this project is going on and with full speed ahead!

My updates are being constantly being shown on twitter:


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