GoldSpace (Working title: Space Pirate)


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That could be a very good idea.
Not sure if it makes the game to easy but it would definitely remove the "i have to be on line with the enemy".

I am wondering though:
  • Would i like to focus on one specific enemy if there are multiple ones? I guess yes.
  • Would i need a "select" or "switch" target option? I guess yes and that might be a bit much.

Maybe i try an "auto aim area" which is always in front of the player and only enemies in this area will be targeted without choice?
What do you think?

I will give it a try once i figured out my problem with this stupid digging mechanic.
Besides...i am working on a "golden" tile set. Makes sense when we are talking about Space Eldorado ;)


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Puh...i got the digging mechanic working using the tile api.
It nearly drove me insane. Details are here
I want to hide some cool rewards in the dirt but feel free to take a look at the current state:

Next are the weapons and creating relations between the fire spreading and the digging.
I also added static guns.  Check out this dude practicing:


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I am working on a auto target system for the laser gun right now and i am not sure if it makes a lot sense.
Giving the player control what to target is too much micromanagement for the player.

I updated a lot behind the scenes (so not much cool stuff to show):

•   Fixed static gun states (x)
•    Removed player slowdown on tile contact (x)
•    Removed enemy walks through walls glitch (x)
•    Streamline lower interface (x)
•    Player not so stuck when small entires (x)
•   Fix relations between furniture, broklen walls and digging (x)
•   Diggin: Player can now dig through dirt (x)
•   Enemies get damage from nearby fire (x)
•    mine/bomb explosion (add bomb are to kill dirt) (x)

I added a core reactor to every ship.
The ship will blow up piece by pice if you destroy it which will be needed to reach certain goals.
The player will be sucked into space if not running to safety.

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hi guys,
i advanced the shooting and have various options:

1. Press Space + Control + direction to shoot without moving:

2. Auto aim to nearest enemy (in specific area)

3. Straight shot in direction which player is facing (original one)

4. (WASD to move, Arrows to fire in direction):

5. Classic run and gun with mouse
(i didnt build that)

Please let me know which one you prefer!
It just takes little time to test and would be a great help.

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That's a really long loading time for Flash.  What's the size of your game?


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7,5 mb (server in germany)
I will switch to download PC/Mac for the alpha.
I need better performance as well.

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Option 3 is probably what most players will expect for 4-way shooting.


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I added another proposal i got:

(WASD to move, Arrows to fire in direction):


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It plays OK, but it looks odd for the player to shoot from the side/behind.  Maybe face the player in the direction of shooting if one of the arrow keys is held down, but otherwise face in the direction of movement.


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For sure!
This was a quick build. I would add that!


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I fixed it in the link above and like it (have to add the moving feed though)!
The auto aim from the other version feels weird now.

Here a sneak of the Bank Heist Ship.
Robbing the counters will be so much fun :)


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I figured out that i need to advance the enemy behaviour to create more interesting situations and more fun.

First step is done:
  • The enemy is now in a passive idle state (smoking cigarettes or whatever).
  • It will change into an "being aware state" for a while if the player is close enough but can move back to idle.
  • This enables passing enemies without fights.
  • Finally the enemy will turn into hostile mode if player stays close.
What next:
  • Combine this bahaviour with patroling, walking towards the player
  • Adding an "officer" who will trigger an alarm (big problem;) ) when player is recognized


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Just played the demo, great work, look forward to watching it progress.


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Thanks a lot!

First: I am currently reworking all enemy behaviours.
Second: I am implementing a global alarm state which can be triggered (which then will spawn a lot enemies and change parts of the level).

I will release a "demo2" when that is done.