Feature Request: Block for Actual Printing of Whats in the Game Window


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Hi there - I am VERY interested in using Stencyl to create learning games and activities for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grades 1 & 2 and one really useful feature would be a block for creating and sending print jobs so that accompanying work/activity sheets could be printed out, or completion/award certificates could be printed out etc. I have dabbled with a bit of custom code but so far it only works in chrome - I have no idea if it would work from the exe (windows projector) or .app or ???

thanks, Megan


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This could probably hacked up, but it would require a fair amount of code to do. I don't know the details upfront, but this is the approach I'de use, since you say you've dabbled in code.

1) Capture the screen data using code.
2) Transform the bitmap data into text (using Base64).
3) Send that text to a web server using an HTTP request, which in turn can perform the magic send that job off to a printer.

There may be a way to do this directly from the game alone, but the web-based approach is a more surefire way.


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thanks for the reply (sorry I didn't see it till now) -  somehow I didn't realize this would be such a big deal but I am still thinking on it :-) - web server would not be an option because I want to make a stand alone program ~megan