iOS Device Test shows weird block on screen


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I got this grey block at the upper left corner of the screen every time, every project on iOS Device test.
Is this Bug or my iPhone 5's Problem?

Any comments will be appreciated.

(Screenshot included)

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I was just going to create a new post for this. I have exactly the same problem on an iPhone 4. The block appears in both portrait and landscape mode . It appears even in an empty scene. And it persists even during scene transitions.

I could't find the culprit. I hope that somebody can find a solution. This is driving my crazy.


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It should show "Stencyl Trial Mobile" as you do not use a Studio-/Mobile-edition of Stencyl.
But due to a bug, it shows only the block on iOS.
It's with text on Android (top device):

Sure, my games won't get better with all the new features of Stencyl.
But I do have more fun creating bad ones.

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Thanks a lot for the answer. It makes perfect sense now.


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For the same reason, the FPS monitor on iOS/Android can exhibit similar effects where the text/graphs are close to invisible due to a font color bug in OpenFL.