how can I use Unicode in stencyle?


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Hi Guys
I have seen in stencyl 3.1 enhancements:
Support Unicode in downloaded text or text from external files via Script.convertToPseudoUnicode().

please somebody explain for me how can I use unicode by this feature?
If I write by unicode in Draw Text pallet and use a unicode font it does not work! what is a external file and how can I use to draw text?


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Quote from: out2lunch
1. Get your text from wherever you store it - online or data file, etc.
2. Call convertToPseudoUnicode() in Stencyl with this text with custom code.  You'll have to use the "Internal Name" of attributes.  See example.  It's not a fast conversion, so it's best not to do this in the Drawing or Updated events.
3. Use this converted text in the Drawing event, using your font with the special characters in it.
Also make sure you set the charset to custom and add the characters in the font setting.


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Where can I find the Example for this unicode function?



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Here's the example from out2lunch's post (from the customers-only section.)