Easy RPG Creator Bug Report

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If you're using the ERC and run across bugs or other issues, please post them here.  We'll try to keep an updated list here of known issues and our progress in fixing them.

Thanks for all your help and support! 

Current version: 0.2.4
Known Issues:  Found here at the Wiki
Major Missing Features:  Combat and Status Effect Changes


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I came across your extension and thought to give it a whirl out of the box and here are a few bugs that I found:

If you press any direction for movement I see the below and the sprite moves in the correct direction:

If you try to use the shop here is what you see:

If you click "Buy" here is what you see:

Thank you very much.
Best Regards,


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Unfortunately doing that didn't fix any of the above problems.

Another thing I noticed, the chest opens up if you interact with the door (near the Shopkeeper). And if you go left of the chest (after it opens) and interact with it, it brings up the conversation with the Shopkeeper.

Interacting with the Shopkeeper does nothing, but if you interact with the door, brings up the Shopkeeper's conversation.