Admob set to top but only ever shows on bottom


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My game is in Landscape mode. I am testing on android. Admob is set to display on top but only ever shows on the bottom. I have also tested it in a portrait game and the same thing happens. Two phones I have tested on both have the problem. Galaxy note 3 and HTC desire X.  No errors appear in the logs that I know of. The game is set to "Scale to fit (Letterbox)".

I am using Stencyl 3.1 which I have recently just upgraded to.


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Hi Panda84

I also have the same issue, have my setting set to top and it only shows at the bottom.  Did you ever manage to resolve the below?

I am currently trying different scaling sizes to see if this helps - will let you know if I come up with anything, but would be interested to see if you managed to resolve this in the meantime.



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Hi Sarafish,

I solved this temporarily by editing the file located at stencyl-full/plaf/haxe/extensions/ads/project/android/.
Replace the code on line 67 with "layout.setGravity(Gravity.CENTER_HORIZONTAL);".  It doesn't solve the root problem but i'm sure it will eventually be fixed, for now that will force the ads to show on the top.

If you need an ad to show on the bottom at any stage then you will have to restore the original code that was there.

Hope that helps :)


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Thanks for coming back to me!  Thats great - thanks for the info.  In the end we just shifted everything up for the our Android version but think in an update will try the above.

Thanks again really helpful!


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This issue appeared when using the Stencyl built in support for AdMob. It is already solved in an upcoming update to the built in AdMob support.
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