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I'll keep all the details about this on the low, but what do you guys think about what you can see?

I think it looks like a neat start, however I would probably do something about the symmetry. It looks very mirrored, especially with the panel thingies in the lower left and right side...

Also, I would add a bit of shadows and try to think of a few detail objects that would remove any doubts and make this look like the inside of a spaceship... like some kind of steering device, a radar bleepy thingy.

Maybe change the loudspeaker design, unless they have a specific role to play... because they look sort of 80s and not very spaceship-like.


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That is unique and I like it it also looks like a pain to make except for the outside space texture.
To me the inside looks like it needs more detail to it I don't know exactly where though.
But yeah that looks good.
You could also go and look up reference images online which helps try any spaceship search but be careful you would be surprised at what you could find with the simplest words on google even with safe search on  :o.
Try something like the interior of the enterprise along with star wars and others then mix the idea in your head and switch it around until it suits you also try interior of an arwing that could help.

Do like an interior decorator would do look at the image you got now and look at the others and then go hmm that piece of the enterprise would go there nicely and that piece of arwing would go there nicely and oh yeah I need a cup holder just in case lol.
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