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After a lot of looking around to find a way to post my scores on Twitter or Facebook I finally found a way so I tought I will share this will you all, hope it helps!


Create a url block with this "" and inside this block put a "&" block in witch you put your attribute! this works very well even on mobile.


You must create a new APP in facebook :

Same method but a little bit more complex

Replace the red text and integrate your stencyl attribute with '&' block APP ID&%20link=YOUR LINK WHEN PPL CLICK ON THE TEXT%20picture=URL OF PICTURE&%20name=NAME OF YOUR POST&%20caption=SUBTITLE&%20description=YOUR MESSAGE&%20redirect_uri=

I'm posting a picture where you can see what I did! If you need help don't hesitate! I realy hope this will help you!

Good luck!


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Hi! Good job figuring this out!

I am trying to implement it now but can't really figure it out quiet right for the Facebook one, how can i put an attribute in that? and what link are you referring to; homepage or Facebook page?

Thank you very much!


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can you maybe post a picture of how the Facebook post looks like? :)


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I have now solved the problem and it seems to be working quite well. If anyone finds themselves a bit confused doing this or simply can't get it to work take a look at the attached screenshot :) hope it helps!


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Does this work with mobile?


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Sorry didn't repply sooner, it works for web and mobile.


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Hey All,

First of all,  thanks for the info! Twitter is working perfectly.

I seem to be having a bit of trouble getting Facebook to work.  I am always directed to the sign on page and once i sign in i get a blank screen with a red error banner. 

I created a new Facebook app so I have the app ID but am a little confused as to the link and picture url to include (I obviously don't use Facebook very much).  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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